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Budapest Blowback: Hate Your Race, Then Kill Yourself

The belly carries the pain.

The belly carries the pain.

Amerikan White Nationalists, take note of something: no one, absolutely no one in the civilized world of the Occident, wants anything to do with your imperialistic ideology and, at heart, your nigger politics. You have been taught a lesson in humility. Now crawl away, lick your wounds, and come back with an improved attitude.

Make an effort, if even the smallest of baby steps, to attempt to see yourselves as others see you.

Now kill your Self. Kill the braggart. Kill the thief. Kill the liar. Kill the narcissist. Kill the imperialist. Kill the coward. Kill the drunkard. Kill the junkie. Kill the cockatoo. Kill the flab. Kill the limp wrist. Kill the trash. Kill the thumb-sucking adolescent. Kill the Inner Jew. Kill the Inner Nigger. Kill the tits-and-ass. Kill the showbiz. Kill the Jewger. Kill the Abrahamic God. Kill Jesusland. Kill the delusions. Kill the skank. Kill the whore. Kill the innocent baby girl. Kill the saboteur. Kill the victim. Kill the underachiever. Kill the braggart. Kill the thief. Kill the liar. Kill the narcissist. Kill the imperialist. Kill the Amerikan.

And what might be the sharpest blade with which to kill your Self? The bathroom mirror will do nicely. Do not splatter any of your blood upon innocents. They have nothing to do with your shit. Do not repeat the self-centered lunacy of JT Ready. Nip in the bud to prevent the filtering through the twisted, Amerikan Jewger psyche the hideous monstrosity known as Amerikan “National Socialism.”

You must declare where you stand. If you think that the Forth Rike is due to rise in downtown Arkansas, then stand with the National Socialist Movement. If you think that Amerika will rise again from its decadent ashes, a Leave-It-To-Beaver phoenix of red-white-blue feathers, then stand with the American Freedom Party. If you think that Amerika and Kanada will devolve from their current decadent states towards several diverse Ethno States, White European included, then stand with the Renaissance Party of North America. Those are the choices.

Pull your heads out of your assholes. Please make your Self respectable and worthy enough to be lead. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Secede to survive.

Hate your race, then kill your Self, then love your race via the medium of immediate secessionist ethnicity once you have discovered how to firstly and humbly love your Self.

Play-time is over for everyone. (Dedicated to Vladimir Putin’s speech at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club’s XI session in Sochi on 24 October 2014.)

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