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The Bullet: Demography + Geography = Destiny

Any White European, male or female, over the age of 30, within a bond of holy heterosexual matrimony, who has not contributed towards the racial continuance of birthing 2.2 “replacement” children into the White European gene pool on this planet is as guilty of being a race traitor as is the lowest, most sluttish mudshark or the most twisted psychological homosexual/lesbian.[1]

It is now two generations of White European non-birthers who ultimately have flung wide open the floodgates of mass, non-White immigration into our Occidental homes; a healthy host cannot be susceptible to a blood-sucking parasite; we are the Niggers of our own demise. This scribbler is included in this number; I am responsible.

Cultural Marxism, for all of its value as a propaganda meme to tackle the soft edges of Jewish political correctness, feminism, and popular culture, as a stand-alone discipline to shed light on racial suicide it is a convenient and lazy philosophical afterthought. It is a probe of symptom rather than cause, an argument that it was a few snowflakes that blew off the iceberg onto the decks that was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. It is an a priori juggling of first principles of most shallow dimensions. Worst of all, it is a mistake because it deflects and cloaks the necessity of having to assume responsibility for the soul sickness of self-induced racial suicide. As such, to paraphrase Talleyrand’s famous quip[2], the prominence given a misguided and ultimately false Cultural Marxism within the White European nationalist discourse supersedes being a crime. Ultimately, it is as misguided as are the crass and decadent simplicities of prison yard political philosophy.

Beginning of NAmerikan White Euro death wish precedes Cultural Marxism.

International capital does not give a rat’s ass for nor recognize in the least race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc., etc. What it does care for and recognize, via the economic and political decision-makers who stand behind it, is an ever-expanding consumer market and tax base to finance the Lib-Mod social programs that have been instituted in Western countries. For this reason have the doors of the Occident been thrown wide open. From the perspective of capital that has overseen and recognized a non-reproducing “market”, i.e. an historically predominant White population, it was a matter of necessity, as understood by capitalists/Globalists, to fling open the doors. There is the betrayal! The Ummah, in the case of the European theater, as the perfect demographic to fill the consumer and tax base vacuums, is simply a consequence of political decision; it is not the motive for that political decision.

The betrayal of the White European race stems from deep, deep within, so deep that it is not visible or obvious for most. There is little return to be had from a racial death wish, ergo little investment. Given such, why would our economic, cultural, and political elites not abandon us in droves, as they have? The first step of the revolution does not begin with the expedient and safe blurting of Jew, Jew, Jew[3]; that is after the fact. The first step of the revolution begins upon the surface of a mirror to identify the source of weakness that has allowed the penetration of an alien and poisonous spirit. Why is it not understood by the finger-waggers that a strong and united front renders the Jew a harmless pooch? Manipulation can only occur with the full consent, be it conscious or not, of the manipulated. This one stings and it burns, burns, burns at the center of conscience. It makes one squirm with a sweaty discomfort. Quickly, make it go away!

Much has changed since the National Socialist revolution in Germany at the turn of the previous century, changes that make a pursuit of the repetition of such a revolution an irresponsible fantasy and impossibility. However, one thing that has not changed is the necessity of ideologically and politically protecting an ethnicity, and ultimately, a race, of thumb-sucking children not only directly from a spiritually stunted vanity and self-loathing, but also indirectly, from themselves.

From where does this existential strain of fear and self-loathing stem? The Jew, via the media and popular culture, some would claim via Christianity, may very well have implanted an extraordinary amount of shit into the White Euro psyche, but the root of fear and self-loathing he did not. It is what makes the Jew’s work so easy; it is the root of the racial death wish, and until such time as the root is dug up and discarded all else is for naught; it is pretend enlightenment. There can be no “awakening.”

Much of White European nationalist discourse consists of grandiose projections about how political power will be taken back, seldom including the realization that this power has been biologically and willingly surrendered. And now, in the present? In the present, simply put, White Europeans do not have the numbers nor the requisite courage, wisdom, and commitment to counter a realistic challenge. Our racial and spiritual lifeblood bleeds in torrents from the wrist slashes that we ourselves have opened. We require a jolt of unimaginable scope and pain to possibly begin to reverse towards a gasp and grasp for life. Such a systemic jolt arrives, via the combination of Globalist cull and Gaian purge, but it is yet 20 years or so removed.

The rough guesstimate of the global population of White Europeans ranges between a somewhat hyperbolic six percent to a more optimistic 14 percent of the global total. For sake of argument and mathematical brevity and simplicity, let’s split the difference and put the number of White Europeans at ten percent of global population.

Ten percent of a global population of seven billion equals 700 million White Europeans currently alive on the planet. In itself, this is not necessarily a “bad” or unhealthy population; in fact, it signals a somewhat healthy homeostasis. Even after two fratricidal World Wars, it is a stable population; it is equal to the number of White Europeans who inhabited the planet at the turn of the previous century, i.e. 700 million equals 35% of two billion as was global population at 1900. This is one blind spot, of several, that is never factored into the White Genocide discourse.

This puts somewhat of a question mark on the peculiarly Amerikan clarion call of “The Mantra” and the related unhinged shrieks of a pedestrian Cultural Marxism and White Genocide, the South African Boervolk excluded, as opposed to a more balanced analysis and debate. But that is an argument removed for another day. Simply put, for the time being, blaming an external element for racial genocide is much easier to do and package for simplistic propaganda purposes than is assuming internal responsibility for racial suicide.

The situation becomes severe and problematic only in relative and systemic terms to, firstly, an exploding non-White European population, courtesy of Western energy flow-through, industrialism, and technology; secondly, to a declining White European birth rate over the last 50-60 years[4]; and thirdly, to a holistic, systemic, and ecological analysis of Globalist domination into the racial and ideological vacuum that has been offered up by the Occident.

Of the 700 million White Europeans, only two percent are women of childbearing age. In other words, there are only 14 million White European women, out of a global population of seven billion, who are in a biological life position to give birth…assuming that they wish to do so and that there are reasonably healthy and virile young males with whom to mate. That is a secondary, yet also serious, concern for reproductive capability. However, the biological power of reproduction, as it always has been (excluding rape), rests with the woman.

Here is where things get of very serious concern. Let’s say that one in one hundred (one percent), a very conservative and supportive ratio, of these White European women are not Lib-Mod airheads uptight about bodily disfigurement nor Slut Walk skanks and are racially conscious and prepared to pop more than 2.2 kids into the world to ensure racial replacement and continuation. This would put the fate of White European racial survival in the hands of 140,000 women. If the ratio is not quite so conservative or supportive, let’s say one out of 500 is racially conscious (0.2 percent), then the number of racially conscious White European women plummets down to 28,000.

These sparse percentages identify the global outlook for the potential, not the guarantee, for White European racial continuity!

If we apply the same global ratios of White European women of childbearing age to the total population of continental NAmerika with its roughly 350 million populations, then the picture becomes even more severe. Given that roughly 70 percent of the NAmerikan population is White European equals a White European population of 250 million. It is necessary to keep in mind that in Amerika non-White European births are now at par with White European births and that White Europeans will begin to be outnumbered in 20 years, and there have been proposals for a Kanadian population of 100 million by century’s end, generated by non-White European immigration.

Applying the same ratios to NAmerikan White Europeans as apply globally, we discover that there are five million White European women (two percent of 250 million) who are of childbearing age. Again, if one percent of these women are racially conscious, then 50,000 are prepared to birth the magic 2.2 children. If the ratio of racially conscious White European women drops down to one out of 500 (0.2 percent), then that approximates roughly 10,000 women.

These numbers are extreme and are meant as example only to highlight the seriousness of NAmerikan White European racial continuance. Even if, hypothetically and by some wild magic, all of the NAmerikan White European women of childbearing age chose to bear children with young, robust Millennial White European men whose sperm count has not been shattered just marginally less so than their brains, it still only leaves five million women to carry out this biological function out of a total NAmerikan population of 350 million.

At the most extreme calculations that factor in racial consciousness, we have a chilling hypothetical situation: for the NAmerikan continent the fate of the White European race rests in the hands of anywhere from 50,000 to 10,000 women. These are not good odds. A bookie would gladly take any mark’s money where he offered such odds.

(To highlight the desperation of the situation simply deduct the 40 million crazed Zionist Evangelicals right off the top from the White European total of 250 million, then run the percentages. I can’t be bothered.)

Coupled, of course, with the innate death wish of non-reproduction is now the full-blown cultural agenda of miscegenation and homosexual/lesbian empowerment courtesy of both the state and the Jewish pop culture industry. Women from the supposedly deep end of the White European gene pool openly and vainly trot into the arms and loins of Negroes while the shallow and less fortunately endowed end of the gene pool breeds hamburger flippers, unemployable strip mall louts, and canon fodder for the military.

It is always important to observe/perceive a political challenge for what it is and not for what we might imagine it to be. False premises lead to false analyses, lead to false actions, lead to disastrous consequences. The condition must be looked at and seen for what it is, not for what might be preferred to be seen, i.e. a twisted re-hash of non-applicable ideology or romantic, feel-good, and ultimately, reactionary emotional slop. Street philosophy is applicable: You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and wait to see which piles up first.

A French, White European academic, who some purport to be a homosexual and who has taken part in porn flicks, i.e. a Left Trojan Horse, ponders a bold statement on behalf of White Europeans, “Why We Fight.” An Austrian, White European, childless widower (the Kanadian citizenship means absolutely nothing), an only child of only children whose own branch of the family tree is about to end for all time, ponders, “Why Do We Bother to Fight?”

If one wishes to know the health and sustainability of a company, a quick look is taken at its Balance and P&L Sheets. There is an immediate snapshot of the company’s health; the numbers never lie, unless they have been fraudulently stacked, quite often with a fictitious good will value to bump the cumulative asset value. The same applies if taking racial inventory at this very intersection of time and space. The numbers never lie. Relative to the numbers associated with White European procreation, at first glance, the opportunity cost of White European politicking would seem to really suck! Has a false, misguided, juvenile, and optimistic propaganda equaled the shell game of blowing unreasonable “value” into a company’s good will for purposes of flogging what is, in effect, a financial dog?

Is it a matter of a bold, but ultimately empty, statement, “Why We Fight?” Or is it more a matter of coming to grips with the horrid realization and question, “Why Do We Bother to Fight?”

This White European scribbler, for one, is currently sincerely at a loss.

Do we realistically stand a chance or do we already wander aimlessly, empty of soul, inside the twilight of tumbling racial extinction? Do we survive or are we simply a racial metaphor and the latent headshot of a 16-month old, naive Lilly Mederos waiting for our equivalent of a J.T. Ready to pull up the driveway?

Somewhere, somewhere between the extremes of the comical and tragic insanity and futility of Amerikan Nazi wet dreams and the runaway and equally tragic insanity of a racial death wish there must be something that can be done and must be done.

[1] We draw a distinction between “biological homosexuals” (nature) and their relative conduct and dispositions, and “psychological homosexuals (nurture) and their relative conduct and dispositions.

[2] “It was worse than a crime, it was a mistake.”

[3] The extent of Jewish conspiratorial intent, i.e. how much and to what degree, is always contentious. For our purposes, we recognize a London-Rome-Washington Zionist Triumvirate, and on its leash, the Triumvirate’s snarly protectorate,Israel.

[4] Declining White European birth rates were recognized and accounted for prior to the labelling of Cultural Marxist factors that may or may not, and in varying degrees, contribute to such. This should be readily evident by recognizing the liberalization of immigration policies in the Occident during the mid-sixties. For such legislation to firstly be struck and, secondly, to make its way through the corridors of power, the motives for doing so had to be identified several years in advance. As claimed herein, the motive was economic; the ethno-racial and political displacement of White Europeans in their own homelands has been a secondary consequence.

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