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Ten Principles of Ethno-Nationalism, Renaissance Party of North America


  1. All nationalism, implying a specific ethno-racial peoples, a distinctive homeland, and relative means of governance, i.e. the state, is ethno-nationalism. There are no exceptions.
  2. A specific ethno-racial peoples is the culmination of their genetic and cultural histories and traditions, and of the influence of environment and total ecology. Beneath the suffocation of technocratic culture, people are of geographical place. There is no nature-nurture schism. The ethno-racial ideological scope of bioregionalism comes of age.
  3. Racial nationalism is an oxymoron. The term discounts designated territory for a specific peoples and relative governing states for that peoples. There can only be a pan-ethnic consciousness and related alliances culminating in a racial identity. Identity minus designated territory and governing mechanism is not nationalism. There cannot be and will not be a White Euro Ummah.
  4. The peculiarly Amerikan creation of White Nationalism is bogus. It is counter-productive to borrow a propaganda strategy created by Amerikan Negroes or, possibly on their political behalf, by Jews. Amerikan White Nationalism is part and parcel of Amerikan cultural and Globalist imperialism. At its ontological and political roots it is decadent, reactionary, and Jewish in spiritual and cultural construct. It is an ideological imposter and eventual Globalist traitor to White Euro interests on the NAmerikan continent.
  5. There is no Kanada; there is no Amerika. These are institutional and governmental geographical and Westphalian abominations. These are fabricated, non-organic states only, purporting to be nations. Kanadian and Amerikan “patriotisms” are products of Globalist social, cultural, and political engineering.
  6. Post-Peak Oil energy devolution dictates the devolution of the behemoth, Globalist industrial nation-state. The inverse of massive energy flow-through which has resulted in the creation of the industrial nation-state determines its fractured opposite: ethno-nationalist secessionist breakaways on the NAmerikan continent. Sovereign and autonomous ethno-states on the NAmerikan continent are latent and imminent.
  7. The primary ethno-racial stakeholders on the NAmerikan continent are Amerindians, Mexicans, Negroes, and White Euros. Secessionist fault lines will implode and be determined along combined lines of bioregional identities, energy infrastructure, and ethno-nationalist identities. A new ideological frontier identifying Bio Nationalism is anticipated.
  8. Ethno nationalist secession is the liberal and reformist notion of “separation of the races” taken to its most logical political extreme and conclusion.
  9. Organic (as opposed to fabricated) ethno-racial and cultural identity and political patriotism are attached to ethno-nations that are yet to be. From a secessionist standpoint, Kanadian and Amerikan patriotisms are reactionary and traitorous to the well-being of the continental White European Race. Understanding this patriotic distinction is of paramount importance.
  10. The time to apply these ethno-nationalist principles and ideology to a concrete political movement that is prepared to engage at the level of institutional, federal politics with full and focused intent to wind down the redundant industrial nation-state by century’s end has arrived.
Collapse is both tomb and womb.

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