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The 2014 European Congress: Amerikan White Nationalist Cultural Imperialism Invades Europa

These boots are made for imperialistic trampling.

These boots are made for imperialistic trampling.

These boots will be walking upon the cobble stone streets of Budapest at The 2014 European Congress (cough) on October 3-5, 2014. What an un-Godly image to entertain!

Courtesy of two-of-four of the event’s hosts, self-serving Amerikan ringers are guaranteed.

Jared “Jews-Are-White” Taylor, will be taking a break from the annual Week-End With Jared event to export and cookie-cut the looping message of the latter event to Budapest for a Week-End With Jared In Budapest.

Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute will be bringing the shameless Amerika-First message of the NPI to a European discussion which supposedly touches on national ethnicity, which happens to be a zero in the United States of Amerika. The NPI has yet to figure out that its slogan, “For our people, our culture, our future,” is a twisted ideological hallucination. There is no such thing as a “White Amerikan people” nor is there any remnant of being European. Amerika set out to become the anti-Europe New Zion and it has fulfilled its mission. Congratulations! It is exceptional. There is no European culture; there is no future for Amerika. The NPI’s mission statement is a blatant lie: “NPI is an independent think-tank and publishing firm dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world.”

John Morgan of Arktos Media whose boss, Daniel Friberg, freaked out in 2011 over my ground-breaking Breivik essay, “The Breivik Action: The First Archeofuturist Victory,” and requested that the title be changed as it might give a wrong impression and attract too much heat. I could not understand the business logic. I knew for a fact that the essay was selling the book for both Arktos and Guillaume Faye, author of Archeofuturism. No doubt, the same degree of business smarts has gone into the packaging of this little gem of Amerikan cultural imperialism.

If two or three more were present with the Amerikan delegation they could rent a tour bus and disembark at the “Congress” conference hall, loud, obnoxious, and dressed in gaudy polyester. Last-minute delegate additions could be the erudite Chris Blanc…er “Brett Stevens” of the appropitately-named ANUS and amerika.org, and everyone’s favourite current doof and carpetbagger in the Murkan White Nationalist sweepstakes, Rodney Martin, Ethno Nationalist wanna-be and Thief Executive Officer of the “American Nationalist Association.” Cough.

The $150 entry fee to listen to the select voices stinks of bourgeois opportunism. (Remember when such terms carried ideological weight?) Edgy Republicans masquerading as racialists have not yet figured out that the analogous label they carry during these tumultuous times is that of Weimar “die Reaktion.” They are the first enemy to be dealt with, even prior to tackling analogous Communists in the beer halls and analogous Socialists in the Reichstag.

Maybe these Amerikan White Nationalist gentlemen haven’t heard the good news? Amerikan White Nationalism is dead, a self-induced objective has finally been arrived at courtesy of a flawed and bogus ideology spawned 50 years ago during a drunken séance between Commander Rockwell and Adolf Hitler. The signal is clear and unmistakable: “Ethno Nationalism Rising, White Nationalism Dying” and “Get outta the way because you are in the way. It’s time for something better.”

In my own book, Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis (a book that Arktos Media didn’t have the balls to publish, another astute business decision a là the request to change the title of the Breivik essay; I should send Friberg/Morgan sales reports), the sinister stealth of Amerikan-White-Nationalism-as-Amerikan-cultural-imperialism is plainly laid out for an international audience beyond the Intrawebz and Facebook sandbox:

“As a purely Amerikan ideological construct, ‘White Nationalism’ is exceptionalist, jingoistic, imperialistic, and the creation of an industrial, technocratic, and Jewger imagination at point of civilization decadence; it is an element of Amerikan cultural imperialism. The simple truth is that there can be no White European equivalent of the Islamic Ummah, nor should it be a political objective for there to be a White European equivalent of the Islamic Ummah. ‘White Power World Wide’ is, in effect, as much a Globalist sentiment and statement as is the Green, ‘Think globally, act locally’ with attendant Global Green Charter. Neo-liberal humanitarianism runs deeply and subliminally, cuts both ways, and exposes ideological hypocrisy within the gashes incurred. Complimentary to this White Nationalist liberalism is the deplorable strand of high pitched indignation and victimization should the latter ideological web ever be brought to attention. They squeal as loudly as do Globalist co-opted Greens to protect their precious illusions; they conceal their reactionary jingoism behind the skirts of racial philosophy. Amerikan White Nationalists, the bulk of which being at heart patriotard exceptionalists and imperialists, find most discomforting that The Idea swoops down upon them like a Hyperborean wind, like a cold and objective slap to the face.” – p. 290, Anschluss

This was further followed up by a proposed policy position for the Renaissance Party of North America to entertain called the Statement of Occidental Suicide (S.O.S.):

“Furthermore, as White Nationalism is an Amerikan spawned and directed ideology wearing the Zionist rags of cultural imperialism, we request of our European Ethno Nationalist friends and allies to join us in combating the ill-conceived deceit, no matter how well-intentioned, of so-called ‘White genocide.’ We can no longer afford to remain powerless victims; we must assume a proactive, positive, and contemporary stance. This you can do in your European countries by black-balling all Amerikan White Nationalist speakers, academics, and politicians from your workshops and symposia. You owe it to your ethnic integrity to do so and to show this ugly, twisted, and misguided strain of Amerikan cultural imperialism the door, once and forever.”

The Empire is dead. There is nothing to discuss, not at Budapest nor anywhere else; there is nothing to debate at $150 a pop for registration to Tha “Congress.” From a true Ethno Nationalist perspective, the only thing left to discuss and to determine is how to best carve up the carcass amongst the North Amerikan continent’s ethno-racial stakeholders, a challenge that has now been boldly and officially undertaken by the RPN. We Ethno Nationalist secessionists toss ideological scraps to our White Nationalist reactionary “allies” sitting beneath our table.

In all fairness to the White Nationalist imperialist trio from Murka, from an Ethno Nationalist perspective let us not forget that if any of the 20+ secessionist movements in Russia ever showed signs of seriously getting off the ground the first one to call in the air strikes would be the babbling Putin sock puppet, Alexandre Dugin, another speaker at the prestigious Budapest event. This hobnobbing of Globalist/imperialist minds between Atlanticists and Eurasionists, were it not so amusing, would be obscene given current conditions just around the corner from Hungary. One can only wonder if Ukraine’s courageous and bloodied Third Positionism will be on the immaculate tables for discussion. Oh, wait! Fourth Position presides. Muh stoopid.

In the best interests of nationalist brotherhood (and good PR), might it be in order to skim 10 percent off the gross to contribute towards a fund for the families of the Martyrs of Maidan who were slain by Amerikan CIA-sponsored snipers flown in from Syria?

I do not know if I am more saddened or more confused by the participation of Hungary’s Jobbik at this “Congress.” Yes, yes, I know that Morgan and Sunic have been busy stroking Jobbik’s dick, but honestly, there is real-world diplomacy for real-world objectives, and then there is the foul stench of ideological desperation and whoredom. If one does not recognize that we enter into a hell-hole of energy devolution and ecological devastation, of which “The Ecology of Race” is merely one factor, then it is somewhat difficult to enter upon real-world negotiation towards real-world objectives.

I can only say to Gabor Vona, Leader of Jobbik: Sir, it is not too late to bail out from this opportunistic and befuddled mess; association with it and to the optics related to it are and will be a disastrous mistake. You will get burned. To clutch onto a drowning man, i.e. Amerikan White Nationalism, is to invite a stone to be tied around one’s own neck. To quote Talleyrand: “It was worse than a crime. It was a mistake.”

Mr. Vona, you know and I know that European Nationalists laugh at Amerikan White Nationalists, be they dress-up clowns or edgy Amerika-Firsters. How can you possibly sit across the table from these Amerikan delegates without passing expensive liquid refreshments through your nose? You have the position, the leverage, and the power to blow up this imperialistic twaddle and to expose it for the farce that it is. Do it!

I would suggest to European nationalists that if they wish to support Amerikan cultural imperialism to take a walk through the local McDonalds Arches in your immediate European city and purchase a Big Mac, and then take in a Hollyweird flick. Your crawling gesture will at least be much cheaper than slapping down $150 to applaud a dead message of parlour revolutionaries. That’s somewhat steep to pay for a crawling gesture.

I further urge every European nationalist worthy of his salt to not only boycott this puddle of reactionary and phony intellectual aristocracy, even as the jaws of civilizational collapse swallow their collective pretense, but more importantly, to up the ante and demonstrate it in front of its cloistered doors.

North Amerikan Ethno Nationalism rises. Murkan White Nationalism falls like a rock. The Amerikan delegates to Budapest have nothing to offer.

Collapse is both tomb and womb. Secede to survive. Win first, fight later.

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