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The Renaissance Revolver, Vol. 1, No. 1

There is only ever one shot.

There is only ever one shot.

November 4, 2014

Inaugural Editorial: The Clusterfuck Is The Opportunity

All phony political fight must be smashed; it is in the way; it is a hindrance. By and large, most of the nationalist fight in the English-speaking “New World” is phony; it is frightened pretense and lame braggadocio; it is drunken buffoonery; it is ideological masturbation; it is weak.

The phony political fight is the alienated and marginalized Anglo Jewger prancing directionless through cyberspace.

There is a serious, dangerous, and eventually tragic disconnect between the imperative of contemporary nationalist directive, i.e. what are the latent and actual possibilities for nationalist regeneration, and false perceptions/analyses coupled with repetitive and dawdling “performance”-minus-production.

Tearing down precedes building up. There is nothing left to save and everything to re-invent. The current state of White NAmerikan spiritual and cultural rot and decadence beneath the racial “white” warrants not so much as the lifting of a baby finger in its defence or re-vitalization. Let it burn. Death is death, and birthing is birthing.

In terms of quality and scope of content, The Renaissance Revolver will lean to “tabloid.” Tabloid is best suited for ideological streetfight. It is also best suited for the target demographic of limited attention span. As for distribution, it will be the digital equivalent of having a flyer shoved in your face. We will attempt to make it a “daily”, ergo “Revolver.” Get it? More often than not, commentary will be entered as “bullets.” Get it?

For contributors to The Renaissance Revolver we will rely on supporters of the Renaissance Party of North America, but not be limited to them. Source of contributions will be postings and commentary made in Facebook accounts, to be lifted when deemed appropriate by the Publisher-Editor. All contributors will be identified and linked to their accounts. Life in Tha Interwebz beez a bitch. We will test-market with this format using Facebook as the focus group that it is, then at some point possibly spin it off as a stand-alone blog. (Don’t bother. It has already been reserved.)

Problem – solution = clusterfuck. Clusterfuck is the opportunity. We are all riding this holistic and interconnected runaway freight upon wobbly Anglo rails. The NAmerikan nationalist disconnect of romantic and reactionary star-gazing must be connected in and at the present. All aboard the collapse/devolution special!

Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first; fight later.

Welcome to The Renaissance Revolver. Bang! You’re welcome.

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