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Technology and Jewger Culture

The individual, i.e. ego/vanity, is “empowered” within a self-help, quick-fix technological membrane via pop culture celebrities and wanker gurus in equal and opposite proportion to the benefit of the group, any group. The apex of the liberal/industrial era, with attendant decadence and mass effeminacy, is further urged and falsely legitimized by a technological appendage. Duh Intrabwez, if not perceived and managed correctly, is a crafty Trojan Horse of endogenous Globalist ingenuity.

A mass LibMod ideology, crafted and endorsed by those political stakeholders in whose interests the ideology functions (as has always been the case with ideology) of Jewger “Me, me, me,” has never had it quite so good. For purposes of social conditioning, the ease of effort is like shooting fish in a barrel or opening a wimminz’ shoe store. Under normal circumstances, this kind of fluff would be harmless. But the times are far from normal.

The efforts at creating new organic nationalisms, i.e. secessionist group identities, bleed torrents of futility from one day to the next. Secession-by-default recognizes the core guts of devolutionist cause and ignores/bypasses the jingoistic frivolities of misdirected, redundant, and irrelevant political will. “Only the Borg can defeat the Borg.” Let us hope that this slogan is reasonably correct.

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