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The Knotted Panties of Panic Mode

Nice hair!

Nice hair! (The spirit of Dolfie is not amused.)

On June 24th, The West’s Darkest Hour blog came out in open and full support of the Renaissance Party of North America, especially re the Party’s positions on Peak Oil, Ethno Nationalism, and Regional Secessionism, and the primary and crucial roles of these factors vis-à-vis racial politics on the NAmerikan continent.

Some guy named Matt Parrott got his panties tangled up into a horrid knot in the commentary section to the endorsement. His rant is worth relaying verbatim. I shall then address The Panty’s…er, Parrott’s, hallucinatory bile.

For ease of logical rebuttal, each paragraph is identified and then locked into my own bullets.

(para 1) “He’s cuckolding you fools

(para 2) “He isn’t an ethnic nationalist at all. He’s a Leftist who’s cynically crammed his bio-regionalism into an ethnic nationalist context in order to obtain a captive audience. On the rare occasion that he brings up race or identity at all, it’s to keep you all paying attention long enough to sit you through another one of his diatribes on entropism and oil.

(para 3) “A robust White Nation without this decadence and these minorities could easily round the peak oil curve without veering off the road…by reducing consumption dramatically or relying on numerous alternatives. Even if we passed a law against any and all energy alternative research today, the known and mature alternatives to oil would keep this party rocking until well after 2100.

(para 4) “If you listen to the radio show closely, you’ll hear that he ascribes all of the current global unrest to Peak Oil. This is doubly problematic, as we’ve not come anywhere near Peak Oil. Oil’s still virtually free, and the recent price rises have been almost entirely due to currency inflation unrelated to availability. He knows this. His model predicts that everything will plug along smoothly for decades and decades.

(para 5) “The facts directly contradict his model. The riots and unrest are happening where there’s ethnic conflict and third world immigration, not where there’s a lack of energy.

(para 6) “The second reason it’s problematic is because he not only places heritage and identity beneath oil–which would be problematic enough for a supposed White Nationalist–he disregards it altogether. Like all Leftist ideologues, he sees all of humanity as anonymous cogs in a crude reductionist abstract world order. The only reason he’s speaking of ethnicity at all is because he sees the devolution of power heading in a regional and tribal direction, so he’s trying to beat us genuine ethno-patriots to the punch.”

Feel like taking a shower yet?

The following is a para-by-para breakdown of The Panty’s…er, Parrott’s, wildly pedestrian and sophomoric contentions.

  • (para 1) Right off the top, the followers/commenters to The West’s Darkest Hour are insulted. Christians, much like Jews, seldom learn that guilt-mongering does not work as an opening gambit; not all ascribe to the death cult of Original Sin. False humility always drips its own poison quite transparently. Transparent to all, that is, except to him who spoons it out.
  • (para 2) The RPN has firmly staked theVesica Piscis, Third Positionist high ground: The Centre. From my own President’s Welcome Statement on the RPN website:
    • To varying degrees, the Three Pillars of Post-Peak Oil Collapse, Ethno Nationalism, and Regional Secessionism have been part of public discourse for several years, in varying forms for several decades. Rather than wane, their relevance merely compounds by historic necessity from one day to the next. What the RPN has crafted, the core that is our philosophical breakthrough, is that we have identified the interdependencies, interrelationships, and dynamic of these seemingly isolated phenomena into a unified whole and Gestalt. The political identity that has been grafted onto this ideological Gestalt is National Synergy. We enter the political arena, unhindered by the rags of redundant identities, as National Synergists. We claim the Centre, the bull’s eye of political activity; it is the high ground. For us all else is Periphery. (1)
      • The accompanying footnote reads: (1) The RPN’s notion of “Centre/Periphery” is an inverse of that put forward by the French New Right thinker, Alain de Benoist. M. de Benoist identifies “the Centre” as the nucleus of Globalist power with all opposition rendered and defrocked to “the Periphery.” This is no more than a re-labeling of the Marxist notion of “metropole/hinterland.” The RPN has taken the initiative to inverse this political relationship/dynamic of powerlessness.
  • (para 3) Attempting to introduce most Murkan White Nationalists to the principles and scientific laws of thermodynamics is at best an exercise with very marginal returns, or at worst like attempting to explain colours to the blind. If the blind are further retarded by religious superstition, the effort becomes even more self-defeating. There is no sense in attempting to accomplish what is not possible to accomplish. There simply is no return in the effort.
  • (para 4) Nothing is “free”, not even “virtually free”, especially not energy. No one, absolutely no one, gets to dodge the bullet of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution. A global civilization, to which Murka is the metaphorical Rome, collapses; it comes to an end. This parrot is dead. Stick a fork in it. In historically relative terms, the current century will make the Black Death seem like a nose bleed. Why most Murkan White Nationalists cannot see, will not see, or refuse to see how this most devastating of historical events will impact racial politics is simply mind-boggling. Wait! No, it’s not all that mind-boggling at all, but that is another matter, another day.
  • (para 5) The riots are happening because this is the first collapse generation, here and there, especially in Murka, taking on ugly racial tones. Why would they not? From London, to Madrid, to Athens, to currently Rio, there is not a thing that the respective governments can do to address citizen (largely lib-mod, tertiary economy, government dependent) demands. The industrial/materialist “good times” are over, and they are not coming back. Globalization, multiculturalism and mass non-White Euro immigration into Western countries inclusive, is a technological imperative to which ideology has naturally and, of course, attached itself. The energy flow-through is massive and the resultant socio-cultural entropy is fugly, fugly, fugly. “Cracker good; Nigger/Jew bad” is the equivalent of philosophical finger-painting, but it makes for good sound bites for the 95%.
  • I, and the RPN itself, are not “White Nationalist” oriented. From day one of the Party’s existence three years ago, we never have been. We have been very clear on this. Much like Russian Eurasionists, we view Murkan White Nationalists as ad hoc allies on a per need basis. Our position is clear and unconditional: we are Ethno Nationalists, something that Murkans, being void of ethnicity, have a difficult time wrapping their heads around. The Panty…er, Parrott, seems to forget if it is an odd or even day of the month and which of the two identities applies. This is typical of Ethno Nationalist poseurs. “Genuine ethno-patriots” indeed! “Trying” to beat to the punch? We drink your milkshake!

My politics are a tad beyond the personality oriented “Cracker good; Nigger/Jew bad.” I am a politician and the President of an actual political party and legal entity with my balls on the line, not an irresponsible “warrior” (Cough!), pudgy, virgin basement dweller. My statements carry a risk factor. All positions I voice are those of a political party and its guiding Executive. I do not have the luxury of spewing subjective feel goods. This is not a Christian Bible class.

We have even been so kind and considerate as to outline in crayon for the Ethno Nationalist wannabes where and how the lines (all 14 of them!) in the sand are drawn. Our continental sister party, the RPN (USA), is in full agreement and support. There will be no group hug. We dance upon a post-deracination Death Ground, White Euros and their respective ideological and political factions alike.

With enemies like The Panty and his self-righteous associates nipping at the RPN’s heels, who needs friends? This will all be over soon. It is good when prisoners recognize the principle of “Take no prisoners.” Simply take a number and get in line behind the Nutzis. The wedge becomes a hammer upon all Abrahamic heads. See it morphing? See it hovering?

This is what it is like to be performing in the real world in the 21st Century.

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