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An Obscene, Jewger Karma

Dresden2In lieu of Facebook “exile” and for those who are responsible for it:

The spiritual and cultural filth that has become Amerika (and to a lesser extent, Britain), courtesy of 60 years of Jewger popular culture, is the fitting pinnacle, testament, and revenge for having protected and unleashed the Zionist demon. That this apex of civilizational rot now happens to coincide with the stark plummet of energy devolution and ecocide is merely icing on the cake. It is no accident.

The Empire is finished. Whatever else may happen from here on in, my Germanic family, with all of its current foibles and challenges, is now revenged. There is a smirk, an internal peace, and a self-knowledge that things could have been different.

For Murkan posers in particular and non-Germanics in general to pretend an ethno-racial empathy and allegiance is simply laughable. It is a lie and fluffy pretence. It is a psychotic hallucination. It is a strand of Jewger spiritual and cultural filth. Low-life and forever marginalized Murkan White Niggers and obscene, ass-clown Nutzis simply cannot comprehend and will not comprehend to what degree this is so. Go, Team FEMA!

2011-08-09 09-49-06.906

(Knowing how the above jpg sends my “adversaries” into a spin, it is only fitting that it be attached. Careful though, you wouldn’t wish for that spin to evolve into a spin of hot lead opening up the back of your head, a là J.T. Ready. Tsk, tsk.)

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