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The Stench of Betrayal

The only thing that lingers is the stench of betrayal.

The only thing that lingers is the stench of betrayal.

(Note: The publication of this report has been held up due to waiting for a response from the Amerikan Internal Revenue Service re the status of the supposedly defunct NSPNA (US). It was first published at the Vanguard Renaissance site on March 15, 2016. The inquiry to the IRS was mailed on NSPNA letterhead on February 27, 2016. As this was an official inquiry, the response may also be on its way back via mail. Once received, it will be tacked onto this report as a postscript.)

The seemingly coordinated attack against the National Synergist Party of North America seems to finally be fizzling out. Our adversaries, enemies, and traitors never had much to shoot with to begin with, and even that very limited “arsenal” whithers. They have lost; the NSPNA has gained. We have suffered not only a scratch, but a beneficial scratch at that.

It is a shame that our enemies and their allied traitors have taken things to such a sordid and foul degree of attack against my person. Such are the antics of bungling amateurs and liars when they have no other unplanned “tactical” route to take, even when they go hostile with no legitimate grounds for their hostility. The only thing left in their befuddled wake is the stench of betrayal.

The truth is usually very simple. We’re not talking about the big, cosmic stuff. Just simple truth: something either is or it isn’t; something was either done or it was not done; something was either said or it was not said; something was either manipulated or it was not manipulated. Simplicity and transparency constitute the essence of truth.

On January 3, 2015 the NSPNA and the British “organization”, National Action, parted ways after two years of a somewhat soft “alliance.” Actually, there was no split between the two organizations because, firstly, an official “alliance” had never been recognized and, secondly, there is no official organization called “National Action.” The split was between myself and one of several “spokesmen” for the very democratic and consensus-oriented grouping of young schoolboys and assorted chavs pretending to be National Socialists, Benjamin Raymond.


Ben lies


Screenshot (37)

As ludicrous as it is to bring Facebook activity into an event of such severity, in this case it is necessary as that is where this entire dorky shitstorm began. As can be seen, Mr. Raymond responded to a Facebook post entered by Terrence Giles on January 3, 2015. He lies.

  1. I have not attacked NA for two years. I criticised the Liverpool “action” held in August 2015. I was hardly the only one to do so. A distinction must be made between “criticism” and “attack.” The event was a catastrophic public relations and tactical blunder. Yes, I trolled the shit out of some pimply-faced NA adolescent who is under the delusion that he is a “National Socialist.” My bad.
  2. I may have publicly criticised the NA meeting held May 2, 2015, I can’t recall. I had been left to believe by Mr. Raymond that NA was going to make the shift to a professional organization. No such thing happened. No such thing happened because no one knew how to do it. Mr. Raymond and an NA member named Tommy Robinson were left on stage babbling Hitlerist lollipops to each other. (The consequences of this were in effect up to very recently. When I informed Mr. Raymond that NA was in danger of committing financial fraud, it was not a “threat”; it was a simple shot-across-the-bow re their non-corporate vulnerability. A “diplomat” must know the difference. A simple request for clarification would have sufficed.)
  3. That is it for my “attacks” on NA, not stretching over a two-year period. Otherwise, we exchanged some articles for some poster graphics. The NSPNA at least made some effort to signal a type of alliance; NA, as an organization, never once reciprocated. My support has always been for Mr. Raymond, the individual, as it still is. He is one of the best, young talents out there. As such, he will likely be one of the first to strip away his Hitler fascination and obsession, and view history with adult eyes.
  4. I have never deleted anything in Facebook related to opinions and/or criticisms re NA.
  5. Re “never confronting me directly”, even as Mr. Raymond made that remark there was a request for a Skype meeting sitting in his mailbox which went ignored. Why would I need to confront him directly? I had no beef with him. Over a two-year period, Mr. Raymond did not once initiate correspondence with me; it was always me initiating correspondence, although I must say that Mr. Raymond does not hold a monopoly on this. Such is my lot. If he, on the other hand, had a beef with me going back “two years”, he could have opened such discussion when we actually had a 10-minute parler in London after my speech to the London Forum on October 3, 2015. (Ben can’t make eye contact, a behavioural giveaway that has also been picked up on by others.) No such concerns were aired. Ben was being a diplomat.
  6. What “intensity?” What kind of bullshit is this? Ragging on the pimply-faced, little Nutzi is “intensity?”
  7. No, I do not add NA members (and instantly argue with them). I do not add people to my Facebook account, i.e. make Friend requests, have not for over three years now with my current account. Whoever is on my list (Friends and Followers) is there because they have requested to be there. (In all fairness, this may simply be a deceit passed on to Mr. Raymond by third parties, and not a direct lie.)

And then Mr. Raymond really steps into the shit: “Dr. Greggie is stealing everything from under you. You are completely blind and out of touch.” The cat was out of the bag and he couldn’t get it back in.

Within a minute of having made this blunder, Mr. Raymond dropped our Facebook friendship, i.e. ran away, followed shortly by Max Macro, who at that time was still the Chairman, NSPNA (US). I can read behaviour, not minds. How am I supposed to know that I am being knifed in the back in cyberspace? If Greggie Johnson was “stealing” everything from beneath me, it was only possible with the consent of those he was “stealing!” Shortly afterwards, Mr. Macro announced the winding down of the NSPNA (US), and is now left hurling the most vicious and neurotic bile against my person in the company of run-of-the-mill trash. If Savitri Johnson had been “stealing”, as clumsily admitted to by the “diplomat”, Mr. Raymond, then obviously there is a timeline for the “stealing.” The stench from this sordid affair began to make itself evident three months prior. I would suggest that the timeline goes back to my London Forum Speech on October 3, 2015.



The gates of betrayal were flung wide open. But the question remains: Why? What is the motive behind this orchestrated betrayal and attempt (which is all it can be) to take down the NSPNA?

We are left connecting a few dots and then making a few reasonably logical conjectures.

  1. Anglo “National Socialism” Slighted: In advance of the London Forum Speech, copies of the speech were sent to the NSPNA Directors, Jez Turner, Terrence Giles, and Benjamin Raymond. The only one to get his knickers in a knot over the content was Mr. Raymond. Specifically, he was somewhat upset over the third theme in the speech, that being that Germanic National Socialism had, at core, been Ethno Nationalist and not White Nationalist. It is no great secret that Mr. Benjamin never has, and does not, carry enough political weight within NA to carry an Ethno Nationalist agenda. The screws may have been turned on him. Also, yes Mr. Raymond introduced me and the NSPNA to Jez Turner, however, that did not lock me in to delivering Hitlerist lollypops at the London Forum. Mr. Raymond was publicly thanked, by name, at the beginning of the speech. I was obligated to deliver a National Synergist speech, which I did; I was obligated to deliver on behalf of NSPNA supporters and financiers for the trip to London, which I did, not to NA. An opening to ally with Savitri Johnson, at the expense of the NSPNA, presented itself and was very likely pushed by the “White Nationalist” NA faction. Within a month of the original Facebook pissup, Mr. Raymond was doing an interview kissy-face with Dr. Greggie and had gone from describing Amerikan White Nationalism as “several degrees of hell” to leg-humping one of its most nauseous, invisible representatives, homosexual and Jewish cabals inclusive. How his own previous criticisms of Alt-Right now sit, some of them on our own radio podcasts (to which Mr. Raymond was a guest three times over the last year), is anyone’s guess. The same applies, of course, to Mr. Macro and the departed Kanadian NSPNA Director, Clayton Elmy. This will be more to the point once the clipped sound bites start circulating on a regular basis, along with written content, all of which is the intellectual property of the NSPNA. There will be some serious, hypocritical foot-in-mouth further pointing, of course, to this sordid and coordinated betrayal. How they attempt to explain/spin it is their business.
  2. NSPNA, A Sane and Legitimate Contender: On October 4, 2015, a second meeting took place. Prominent with their attendance were Jez Turner who brought along Richard Edmonds (the heavies were curious and sniffing around); my good friend and colleague, Kai Murros; and Terrence Giles, who at that time was slated to play a leading role in formulating some kind of a British National Synergist initiative. One highly likely cop was also in attendance. The only agenda item for the meeting was discussion re the kick-starting of a National Synergist Party of Great Britain. All protocol for the holding of a general meeting became lost, discussion fluffed in all sorts of directions, the motion to proceed with the agenda item was lost. It is now obvious that there were, and continue to be, serious (and minor) political players who have absolutely no interest in allowing the British political landscape to be cluttered with yet one more player offering a reasonably sane and new vision. For a further take on this theme, see below, the conversation with “English Tongue.” During our first telephone conversation when I returned home from England, I informed Mr. Macro that, based on the content and quality of the speech, if we played our cards correctly we could be “top dog” in a year’s time in North Amerika. Little did I know that success was not meant to be understood as success.
  3. Max Macro, Amerikan White Nationalist Plant: I have had a nagging suspicion about Mr. Macro’s dedication to the NSPNA for roughly a year. Certainly in his capacity as party Chairman to promote the NSPNA’s principles and objectives, he was weak and hesitant to the point of liability and sabotage. This may have been his function all along. In the wake of the London Forum Speech, I have been informed that he accepted “a better deal” from Dr. Greggie. What type of currency may be attached to such a deal is anyone’s guess; somewhere, somehow he is getting greased, is my opinion. That will work its way out of the woodwork sooner or later, as tends to be the case within the gossipy gay ghetto. That Mr. Macro had been a White Nationalist plant was one of two suspicions; the second suspicion was that he is state. Certainly the viciousness of his current gutter attacks in Facebook is not warranted; there must be some kind of incentive to stoop this low. Lastly, I have also been informed, not for the first time, that Mr. Macro has a certain “life style” to financially support, leading me to believe that the type of currency attached to his betrayal is financial rather than political, from whatever source it may stem. (After all, what kind of political currency does Savitri have?) Also, it is known to me that a very well off homosexual has in the past flippantly tossed $40K at Dr. Greggie for simply being an essayist. This is an entirely different league from simply rejecting a paltry $2,500 to dump the NSPNA, as was offered to Mr. Macro last year. Again, the dirt will at some point come clean because when these guys start knifing each other in the back it gets very, very messy.
  4. “English  Tongue” Wild Card (see below): The Facebook message exchange with “English Tongue” happened over a two-night period three weeks after the January 3rd fallout occurred. It is one man’s opinion, nothing more. I offer it in good faith and verbatum simply to indicate that the game is real.

Mr. Raymond & Co. now step into the unsavoury company of Baldacchino, Ready, Blanc (aka Brett Stevens), and Martin. A lie is a lie, even if under the pretense of “the art of lying politely”, as goes a common metaphor for “diplomacy.” Betrayal is betrayal. In conjunction with the official inquiry made to the Amerikan IRS (see first para), the NSPNA has also applied for the trademark rights to “National Synergy” with the Amerikan Patent and Trademark Office. The Amerikan representation of the NSPNA is finished; it is gone. Mr. Elmy’s spot on the Executive has been filled, we have carefully gone over this situation, we have consolidated with our resolve to not only overcome this unsavory scratch, but more so, to benefit from it. The latter’s efforts to take down the NSPNA have all failed, as will those of Mr. Raymond & Co. The NSPNA has already won.

Everything about this sordid, little affair in the NSPNA’s short history points back to the London Forum Speech. Few will appreciate the executive/managerial work that went into it, the real world scratch-and-claw of making certain that all ducks were lined up properly, from financing to legal party name change to the publication of Anschluss, Second Edition (thank you, Paul Donnelly) to actual delivery of the speech. As President of the NSPNA, I put my balls on the line, I worked, something that the cyberspace ballerinas can barely imagine. It was a good speech. I delivered. And then there was nothing. Not only did it put into play the above-outlined betrayals, there also was no significant follow-through from our supporters; there was no rally around the Party. The speech should have gone viral within the nationalist community; it didn’t. (I was watching, I am always watching.) When push came to shove, when the moment came for National Synergists to drive an Ethno Nationalist dagger down the throat of phony, reactionary, and imperialistic Amerikan White Nationalism, everyone dropped the ball. They ran away. They were not prepared to step over the line that I had drawn in the sand and make a non-guaranteed grab for power, relative to this stage of our painful growth; not prepared to step onto real dangerous ground and assume risk. Long friendships are gone; when trust is broken, it is broken forever. Those who are “alienated” are so because that is what they have chosen to be; that is what victims do. It is this that not only plagues the Anglo nationalist “movement” in general but also specifically the NSPNA: the horror of success. When latent success pops its head over the horizon blow it up, sabotage it, betray it. Playing with safe Nazi pixels in cyberspace is so much more preferable.

The NSPNA (there is only one party now) has suffered a minor setback, a scratch. Those elements that constituted a pigsty have been cleaned out. All that remains is the fading stench of betrayal. I sleep well at night. We crawl forward.

Sebastian E. Ronin

President, National Synergist Party of North America


Conversation With “English Tongue”

English Tongue: Do you think London was the “thing” that made everyone fuck you over?

Ronin: Possibly. Actually, very good chance. They prefer to hear what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. It makes them squirm. They haven’t figured out, and may never, that “I” am not their problem.

English Tongue: I think it was. The English lured you in, knowing your style, tricked you into it knowing it would be your undoing. That is my thoughts on it. I knew it would happen too.

Ronin: Could be, but for one point.

English Tongue: What?

Ronin: That it is not my “undoing”, in fact, it is the springboard to the next level.

English Tongue: SEMANTICS!!! I’ll rephrase, they wanted it to be your undoing with your “mates.” It was they who have left you and dry.

Ronin: Very observant of you. I am not totally convinced, but could be.

English Tongue: Do you think it would’ve happened if you hadn’t gone to London?

Ronin: There is a simple, nagging problem.

English Tongue: What’s that?

Ronin: They don’t have anyone else. Don’t know, we’ll never know. Those not prepared to go the long haul get scraped away.

English Tongue: How do you now they have no one else? What does that even mean?

Ronin: Just take a look around. Who has ever spoken to “them” like that?

English Tongue: No one.

Ronin: So there you go. Now I get to play “hard to get.”

English Tongue: They won’t accept it…never have, never will.

Ronin: True, but I have something on my side that they don’t.

English Tongue: Especially from a foreigner. What do you have?

Ronin: The pending condition. Exactly as laid out in the book.

English Tongue: Maybe they’ll be back in touch and you can see the traitors get fucked over then.

Ronin: Who knows? I do the right thing in the present, let the consequences look after themselves, whatever they may be. That is why I can always adapt right away. They have no executive talent, none. Bungling oafs for the most part.


Ronin: Been giving some thought to your guess re London speech an act of sabotage. I honestly don’t think they had/have the political smarts to come up with that. But it was still the “game changer”, as intended and stated. Good observation, though.

English Tongue: I’m not as green as I may seem.

Ronin: Yeah, well I just don’t see them having the smarts.

English Tongue: They hide it well. You’d be surprised at “who” was behind it, and I think X was in the dark, a pawn if you will. I personally believe you were set up. Not that I know you understand.

Ronin: Expand on that, especially the WHO.

English Tongue: Mate, I wouldn’t dare.

Ronin: Then I’ll reciprocate with what you do not know. Why not? Go for it, otherwise it’s just make-shit-up.

English Tongue: I’m simply going with my instinct now and at the time. Look, you got in with X right?

Ronin: “You’d be surprised at who was behind it.” Either you have an inkling or you’re just blowing smoke. Okay, I’ll give you that, tie to X.

English Tongue: He’s not high up but high up enough to voice his opinion to the “who.” It may concern to take you down, remove you from the scene. The “who” neither you nor I will know.

Ronin: Okay, I’ll float it next time we Skype. Okay, so it is in process of backfiring on them. Plans for a British party are still alive. Although X may not play a direct role, but his ego is too big to miss out.

English Tongue: You don’t think “they” won’t have thought of this? They’re ahead of you because they know X.

Ronin: What? A Brit NatSyn?

English Tongue: Higher up.

Ronin: I was surprised when Jez Turner brought along Richard Edmonds to the Sunday meeting.

English Tongue: There you go. You mention the puppet for the “who.”

Ronin: Several people were sent copies of the speech in advance, just to make sure no one’s panties would get in a knot. I was given the green light to go with it by Jez Turner.

English Tongue: I’ll bet you bloody were.

Ronin: The South African’s OFFICIALLY dropping away is a very big hint. All these old “Nazi” wannabes. They know the bottom is slipping out on them.

English Tongue: All these English “groups”, National Action and the like, are mere smoke screens. They’re immaterial, never have been nor will be a threat to anyone, but they are noticed and to keep the lid on any violence etc. “People” are put amidst them to report back. Clearly as I had told X about your book he was bound to want to “get” you on board (Genuinely). So when he started tossing your name about you woulda been looked into. The rest was put into action, knowing that what has happened since would “break” you, or at least put a stop to “it” and “you.” They have done their job.

English Tongue: That’s my theory.

Ronin: X’s possibly being a cop doesn’t bother me. I can turn that into a bridge.

English Tongue: No, X is not the informant!!!! He is and was a genuine fellow.

Ronin: There is rumour that it is Jez Turner.

English Tongue: YES!!!! Jesus, finally!

Ronin: Yeah, I qualified with “possibly” for X.

English Tongue: X is cool. He is loyal, but was amidst “’wrong uns.”

Ronin: I knew that “rumour” about Jez before accepting the invitation.

English Tongue: He is a mere puppet. As I said, the top fellow(s) you nor I will ever know. He was just a “cast member doing his part.”

Ronin: As far as authorities go, I figure we have had a small file opened on us since both CSIS and the RCMP showed up here after the Breivik vid. I would imagine it sits on some desk in Ottawa somewhere at Deputy Minister level, a couple of pages. Ergo, they know our policy positions, about 15% of which are a direct reach-out to police and military.

English Tongue: Look let’s put it this way. You were a good scapegoat to get the whole shebang shut down. That has yet to play out.

Ronin: Crazy Ronin. But they’ve read the book, they know I’m not nuts, ergo an actual threat, teeny-weeny though it is.

English Tongue: That’s why everyone is “talking” on here (Facebook) now. That is not normal is it for a political professional and yet it is happening. I shouldn’t even be discussing it in private messages. They know you know what you’re doing, ergo turn everyone against you then they’re alone, then they’re vulnerable and it also shows they’re untrustworthy.

Ronin: Yeah. It’s a challenge.

English Tongue: I know it is. You may even be approached by the “real” top brass!

Ronin: We will beat them to it. We plan on doing a reach-out, me doing speeches all nine yards, at ridings that contain military bases, target young grunts and junior officers only. We DO NOT go beyond that level. Offer them the party: Sort of, It’s yours if you want it.

English Tongue: Time will tell.

Ronin: Yes. In the mean time, it is “they” who have stepped into my game: this blood-letting was overdue, I simply required an opening. Benjamin Raymond offered that.

English Tongue: No! It was planned, you just assume it was Ben. He’s a white kid who is useful to them.

Ronin: None of those silly buggers are capable of “DOING.” We have a vehicle, with me driving; we can DO. Okay, point taken.

English Tongue: I’m talking high up, Ronin. These are tiny people in the grand scheme of things.

Ronin: Yes.

English Tongue: The “who” will be getting intelligence to see how you’re coping with this backlash and desertion by so called mukkers of yours. They, the “who”, will be watching it all. Me too.

Ronin: Keep a close eye. Outside of his going very soft over the last year or so, was there anything else that tipped you off about the South African?

English Tongue: You see these daft little groups are engineered by powerful “who” to keep an eye on what goes on. When you entered the arena they got interested. They saw a “threat”, so they used tactics to be rid of you. It’s worked. If they hadn’t, you would have organized them properly and ergo these “who” wouldn’t have been in charge as much as they are. So this discrediting of you ensued. I gave it two months after your speech, and it was four but, I wasn’t far out.

English Tongue: The South African is a weak cunt who resents his country not being what it was, white ruled, though it still is he can’t look down on the niggers anymore. He is a no one.

Ronin: He’s just out of his field when it comes to actual politicking. A few years ago some dumb kid turned him inside out at a meeting, lost all composure and slightest idea of where and how to go.

English Tongue: Let’s just say it’s an educated guess.

Ronin: Fair nuff.

English Tongue: You watch how they disintegrate from now on. It should amuse you.

Ronin: I am eager to see if Jez issues another invitation. Fromm has now had two in the last year.

English Tongue: Of course he has. He is not a threat, but he keeps up a false moral amongst the “whitey’s.”

Ronin: Yeah. And they gobble it.

English Tongue: Exactly. This keeps everyone happy, especially the “who.”

Ronin: The whole “informant” thing was also “who” engineered, I figure, going via Blanc.

English Tongue: Yes. Who is Blanc? X was not nor is an informant.

Ronin: Blanc goes by Brett Stevens. It’s Max who I have been concerned about for some time.

English Tongue: I know he is harmless but Max wasn’t. Max is back on X’s list.

Ronin: I’ll request he dump him.

English Tongue: He should never have accepted him, Seb.

Ronin: Agreed.

English Tongue: It’s clear Max is now trying to become “you.” He thinks he’s learned from the master. No doubt he has, but he has turned on you and he can only be a bad choice to see what’s going on, on X’s page.

Ronin: I probably have Max still with me under some sock puppet anyway.

English Tongue: That’s okay, but he should not be on X’s list.

Ronin: I’ve made the request, we’ll see how he handles it.

English Tongue: That’s another thing you should KNOW how he handles it and that answer should be “Okay I’ll get rid of him.” But why accepted is more the point. Quite dumb, makes it look like Max is credible. Do you see?

Ronin: Yes, of course.

English Tongue: That you’re a liability.

Ronin: They’re wrong.

English Tongue: Which is what was wanted by the “who.” I KNOW!! SO do the “who.”

Ronin: That makes three of us.

English Tongue: If you count the “who” as one person.

Ronin: No, agency.

English Tongue: The “who” don’t even know who the top fellow is, Seb. You know all this.

Ronin: Well, yeah, there are going to be Chinese Walls. Who knows how many? It doesn’t matter.

English Tongue: I think that “they” may want you, but I know you would turn them down.

Ronin: Yes, while still trying to cut some kind of a deal.

English Tongue: They’ll be watching who you sign with. You’ll not have had an offer from them yet. They will need to see how you handle all this “stuff.” It woulda broke a lesser man.

Ronin: I am handling it okay.

English Tongue: Right, I’ve said enough, probably too much. I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved.

Ronin: Bit late for that, isn’t it? Are we done for the night?

English Tongue: I think we covered rather a lot. Good night, Seb. Keep watching, it won’t be long till you see results.

Ronin: Thank you, English Tongue. It’s a life.

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