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R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert, 1951 – 2014

mike_ruppertIt comes as a shock to hear of the sudden death of Michael C. Ruppert. My condolences go out to his immediate family and to the large extended family that was developed over the years through his work.

Mr. Ruppert will go down in history as a Peak Oil pioneer who perceived “most” of the totality of imminent energy devolution. The meta-political analysis of collapse as presented in his opus, Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the Amerikan Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, will hold its own in the years to come. This work is duly recognized and referred to on several instances in my own book, Anshluss: The Politics of Vesica Picsis.

I qualify Mr. Ruppert’s perception of collapse with “most” as he was not prepared to entertain the factor of racial strife in a collapsing and post-collapse world. This was the gist of our falling out in 2010. As he had been a Los Angeles street cop, I always felt that in his guts he knew that such is and will be the case, yet his liberal underpinnings prevented him from actually admitting it. Taken within the context of the work he leaves behind and the manner of his chosen death, such differences of opinion at this time are rendered to trifles.

I had heard several months ago that Mr. Ruppert had been diagnosed with cancer. I have no way of knowing if this was true or not. Who knows what goes through the mind and soul towards the motive of someone who has determined to end his life with a self-inflicted head shot? It is a mystery.

Mike Ruppert, the ex-street cop, knew why he pulled that trigger; he, and only he, knew what the motive was for doing so. We must honour his decision to depart this planet on his terms.

Take care, Michael. Your work continues. It continues in a political dimension to which you may have been opposed, but is no less necessary. God’s speed.

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