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Is There A Breivik-Equivalent Frigate Commander In The Italian Navy?

african-migrantsI am wondering if there is a Breivik-equivalent frigate commander in the Italian Navy. I am wondering what he thinks about prior to falling asleep at nights. I am wondering what his conscience dictates.

I am wondering if he crunches the numbers as to how many thousands of African “refugees” he and his glorious institution have released into the colonization funnel of Europa. Does he ponder the onslaught of wave after wave of surplus human detritus upon hundreds of years of European tradition and culture? Is his sleep peaceful?

I am wondering if such Italian frigate commander loves his country, loves his identity as a European, and hates what he not only sees, but what he directly makes possible and empowers.

I am wondering if he has had enough of his complicity in Europa’s colonization by Negroid and Muslim hordes and his related soft betrayal.

I am wondering if our Italian frigate commander entertains thoughts of releasing his ship’s 50-cal on a boatload of “refugees” and leaving the surrounding blue Mediterranean and shattered vessel lifeless, littered with body parts, and stained a deep, throbbing red. Does he wonder what type of geo-political statement such an action would send to his spindly, Globalist political overlords? Does he contemplate a point of no return? Does he contemplate sacrifice? Does he realize that the cancerous inflow of human garbage would end immediately?

I am wondering if said hypothetical frigate commander is prepared to dock at Lampadusa after such action and peacefully allow his arrest, assuming all responsibility on behalf of his crew. Does he consider what a spark of political consciousness and hero he would be? Does he realize what a public relations and political spectacle his trial would be? Does he realize what forces such a hypothetical action upon the blue Mediterranean would unleash upon the streets of Europa? I am wondering if our frigate commander has serious political ambitions.

I am wondering if somewhere there does not lurk a latent “Potemkin moment” for our modern era of cowardly surrender and betrayal from within, the message that was Breivik’s, the message that was so sorely and blindly missed by the White European public.

I am wondering how many human Ebola missiles would be left bobbing in the blue Mediterranean if said hypothetical frigate commander turned loose his ship’s 50-cal on one of these vessels of shit. I am wondering if this sinister and recent innovation of germ warfare unleashed upon White Euros begins to sink in. I am wondering how brutal is this world and how kept in check are the well-meaning, but ultimately useless, timid.

I am wondering if our frigate commander wonders about the same things that I do.

I am wondering when White Euros will figure out that these are the dire and tragic types of negative birth rate consequences to have to deal with when LibMod fucking for vain and irresponsible entertainment only displaces fucking for procreation. I am wondering when the connect between racial suicide and racial genocide will be made. I am wondering if the necessary fortitude and stamina to make a stand exist, even in most preliminary form.

I am wondering.

Legal Disclaimer: I, of course, in no way or manner either personally or in my capacity as President of The Renaissance Party of North America (Canada) am proposing that an Italian frigate commander “go Breivik” on a boatload of African refugees. I simply wonder if one might exist. I also simply wonder why, given the escalating and taut crisis of Europa’s Globalist colonization, one would not exist.

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