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Open Letter to Members of the League of European Americans

Dear League of European Americans Member:

LEA is, after all, a Facebook group. With the recent gutting of the old Executive and predominant shift to a Nazi-friendly Executive, i.e. Amerikan National Socialist Movement, and the irresponsible yapping of young “Nazis” who have been encouraged by this shift, LEA has now positioned itself as a prime heat score for the Facebook censors. As such, and with related primary responsibility to act in the best interests of the RVI/RPN, I have no choice but to remove myself as an Admin effective immediately. This decision was approved by the RVI Executive at a meeting held yesterday, May 15, 2011. I strongly encourage all to take due precautions. Caveat emptor.

I am of the opinion that each LEA member must now weigh for him and herself to what extent LEA is in a position to own and propagate its original purpose. You may wish to copy it and tuck it away somewhere, as I have done. It is what brought us into this group in the first place; it was a position of progressive hope, not a position of tired philosophical gawking into a rear-view mirror. There was certainly no mention made of endorsing nor being a patsy to the NSM.

I remain on cordial terms with LEA’s founder, Jeff Wahl. He remains as an RVI Officer in good standing. Mr. Wahl is a good man. The offer made to him prior to the LEA shift in philosophy to consider standing as the founding Chair of the RPN (USA) has been pulled off the table for the time being. Should I be blocked from participation in LEA as a non-Admin member only, such decision will most likely not come from him.

You may approve of this Nazi take-over and downward spiral of spirit and political perception for LEA; I do not. The principle is simple: Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are. The new LEA Executive is more than welcome to think that a type of National Socialism can be adapted to NAmerikan politics. I, on the other hand, endorse the words of Adolf Hitler that it cannot. This public shift in political outlook and approach is a tragic mistake, it is a bullet to the brain of White best interests.

Thank you for your attention. However you may understand it, God’s speed.


Sebastian Ernst Ronin

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