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The White Euro S.O.S.

BOOK COVER gradient (3)(Statement of Occidental Suicide, for review and vote as a Policy Declaration at the RPN’s AGM, May 3-4, 2014)

The Renaissance Party of North America (RPN) hereby declares that the recognition of self-induced racial suicide is predominant over a falsely analyzed and labelled, externally-induced racial genocide. The numerical decline of the White European Race is systemic in nature and a reflection of civilization rot and decadence. The negative and suicidal birth rate of White Europeans makes possible their own political marginalization, demographic colonization, and eventual demise, if not politically corrected, in their own lands. This racial death wish and Demographic Winter is a spiritual malaise and season of our own making; we have willingly offered our enemies a Trojan Horse of our own construction; we cowardly opt to being helpless victims at the expense to assuming procreative self-responsibility. It is essential to distinguish cause from effect. The only Occidental country where White Euro racial suicide does not apply is South Africa.

As such, as declared Ethno Nationalists we are forced to differentiate and to distance from our White Nationalist cousins who hold to the “White genocide” position. The ideological gulf is too ruptured for conciliation. In the quest for public comprehension, acceptance, and approval, the suicide-genocide split now becomes one more political element of the ideological wedge that separates progressive Ethno Nationalists from stunted and reactionary White Nationalists.

Furthermore, as White Nationalism is an Amerikan spawned and directed ideology wearing the Zionist rags of cultural imperialism, we request of our European Ethno Nationalist friends and allies to join us in combating the ill-conceived deceit, no matter how well intentioned, of so-called “White genocide.” We can no longer afford to remain powerless victims; we must assume a proactive, positive, and contemporary stance. This you can do in your European countries by black-balling all Amerikan White Nationalist speakers, academics, and politicians from your workshops and symposia. You owe it to your ethnic integrity to do so and to show this ugly, twisted, and misguided strain of Amerikan cultural imperialism the door, once and forever.

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