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White European Preppers Now At Three Million

Recent reports have put the number of “Preppers” in NAmerika at three million. In the short span of four years, this demographic has progressed from the label of freakish Doomers to somewhat respectable Preppers. The National Geographic series Doomsday Preppers recently debuted to an audience of four million.

It is possible to venture the reasonably safe guess that this demographic is predominantly conservative in political leaning and White European in ethno-racial composition. This White European demographic begs for realistic and mature political representation. This is the RPN’s (Renaissance Party of North Americaprimary target demographic, has been since the the Party’s inception, and will continue to be. It will pull the isolated and, in the aftermath of the J.T. Ready murders/suicide even less marginally legitimate, “White Nationalist” demographic in its wake.

Also, three weeks ago yet another survey revealed that 25 percent of Amerikans (one in four) supports the right of  States to secede. These results duplicate the findings of a Zogby poll sponsored by the Middlebury Institute four years ago. Barring a possible marginal percentage of Negroes represented by Nation of Islam, a possible/tentative RPN ally, it is again reasonably safe to venture the guess that this secessionist demographic is predominantly conservative in political leaning and White European in ethno-racial make-up. Also again, the White Secessionist demographic has been identified by the RPN Mission Statement.

The combined political sentiment of the Peak Oil Prepper, Secessionist, and White European demographics begs for realistic and mature political representation.

The numbers are simple to probe relative to marketing deduction: of the three million White European Preppers, 300,000 would be at the very least curiously open to the RPN’s positions, with a potential 30,000 prepared to softly support the Party down the road, and with 3,000 of the latter 30,000 prepared to offer immediate, hard support with sigs for the purpose of registration.

The RPN has before it the task to put out a philosophically and politically realistic and mature shingle so that these Prepper demographics can find the Party. This much has been accomplished with the creation of the RPN’s positions. What is now lacking is an assertive, dedicated, and executive commitment to find these 3,000 White European Preppers and Secessionists and to make it possible for them to find us.

It is the RPN’s position that collapse, total and unconditional, is the primary factor that gels White European consciousness. The anvil of experience encounters the hammer of the RPN’s vision and analyses. What is hammered and shaped into existence is a new sense of White European ingenuity and purpose: survival in a cascading post-industrial world.

Is one White? Big deal. The “God and Country” crowd needs to get something through its head: There is nothing left to save and everything to re-invent. Being “White” is easy; performing as a White European not quite so. What matters is what one does with one’s “Whiteness” of spirit during these crucial times, not solely with the genetic fluke and freebie of birthright. What matters is the historical mission that is handed White Europeans to run with and to implement, and in process of, to salvage and prolong racial existence and continuity. The long-awaited crisis is delivered on a silver platter of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution.

After 50 years of effort, the NAmerikan White Nationalist movement can, by all accounts, fit its dedicated supporters (a significant percentage of them being National Socialist wannabes) into a small-town football stadium, roughly at 30,000 to 50, 000. After only four years of murky observation and adaptation, not even full comprehension, NAmerikan White European Preppers stand at three million! These are not numbers to sneeze at.

Prominent Peak Oil advocates like Michael C. Ruppert and Vermont secessionists find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Even though it may make them squirm uncomfortably, they have no choice but to admit to the obvious and predominant White European racial component and related leadership initiative shown by the Peak Oil Prepper socio-cultural and pending political phenomenon.

This is how it is, not how one wishes it to be.

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