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Sharpening The Blade

Katana-nagaiThe wedge becomes a dagger.

Any politician worth his salt will jump all over a wedge freely handed to him. The NAmerikan White Nationalist “movement” has been ripped with factions since it inception, is currently ripped with factions, and will continue to be ripped with factions.

That is the nature of Murkan WNism, to fall upon its own ill-crafted sword and upon finely crafted swords of others. This is its internal nature, its essence, to be ripped with factions, to engage in vicious internal cannibalism, to offer itself as an unwitting takeover target for a stealth opportunist of exact perception. An internal nature of hallucinogenic, ideologically sophomoric and false premises deserves no better and no worse than the consequences of its own making. Not even a backyard shithouse will remain standing upon a poorly engineered foundation.

The wedge is crafted into a dagger upon the RPN anvil.

The Murka-Firster American Freedom Party (formerly, American Third Position) bleeds like a stuck pig. Spies on the inside say so. The antiquarian Council of Conservative Citizens is ripped into two feuding factions at the Executive level, all bit players attached to either faction exposed as pending collateral damage. Spies on the inside say so. Juvenile Murkan National Anarchism is a distant and comical memory, barely. The National Socialist Movement and American Nazi Party are in check courtesy the voicing of three simple words: Jason Todd Ready.

The New Orleans Protocol is irrelevant, forgotten parchment and diplomatic exercise from a bygone era. To limit the empowerment of the continental White European Race to the reactionary, conservative “Right” only is folly. The insanity of liberal-modernism has now morphed to degrees of socio-cultural dysfunction unimaginable 20 years ago, capturing all under a Marxian meta-umbrella wherein the bulk of  the “Left” is crazy and the bulk of the “Right” retarded.

Non-signatories to the NOP sniff at opportunity with the hungry and flaring nostrils of a wolf, eyes on the prize, eyes always on The Centre of Vesica Piscis.

The wedge is crafted into a dagger upon the RPN anvil.

A kaleidoscope of wedges is now finally captured beneath clashing identities of White Euro Ethno Nationalism and Murkan White Nationalism. The condition has evolved to this. Loosely perceived and not yet fully hammered out upon our anvil, they are as follows:

White Euro Ethno Nationalism

Murkan White Nationalism

  1. Secessionist, towards new polities and ethno-states
(Existing) Murkan Nationalist
  1. Ethno-racial alliances
White “supremacist” (if they say so or not)
  1. Creation of Ethno States
Murkan Patriotard
  1. European in spiritual and ideological outlook
Murkan in religious ideological outlook
  1. Tending from “Left” Towards VP, while borrowing from “Right”
Predominantly “Right”
  1. Recognizes Centre as place of power
Recognizes redundant and reactionary conservatism
  1. Predominantly Heathen/Pagan
Predominantly Christian
  1. Energy Devolution, fact
Energy Devolution, theory
  1. (Deep) Ecology oriented
Technocratic oriented
  1. Recognizes collapse, industrial devolution
Recognizes business-as-usual determinism, technological determinism
  1. There will be no White “awakening”; a vanguard must lead with a stick and be thin with the carrots
There will be a White “awakening”; the liberal insanity of “We the people” prevails
  1. Forward looking, progressive
Backward looking, reactionary
  1. New ideology of National Synergy
Mimicry of what has been and can be no more
  1. Recognizes “RaHoWa” as Globalist asset (political maturity)
Recognizes “RaHoWa” as heroic asset (sophomoric political idealism)

There is now a fat, inviting line that has been drawn in the sand, 14 sub-lines scratched upon its surface like notches into a pistol grip. History and necessity have dropped a gauntlet. Feeding the peeps the ideological gruel of “Cracker good, Nigger/Jew bad” is no longer a strategic option.

If you do not know what has been inferred with these 600 words or what is in play, then you are not a player; you are a spectator. Go away. Gossip about personalities.

The wedge is crafted into a dagger upon the RPN anvil.

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