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Renaissance Party of North America Approaches Amnesty International On Garron Helm Prison Sentence

(This press release was originally posted at Renaissance Party of North America and Vanguard Renaissance.)


Renaissance Party of North America Approaches Amnesty International On Garron Helm Prison Sentence

LANSING, Michigan (October 28, 2014)  The Renaissance Party of North America (US) has taken the extraordinary step of bringing the case of Britain Garron Helm to the attention of Amnesty International.

Mr. Helm was recently found guilty of violating Britain’s hate speech laws after posting via his Twitter account a picture of the Jewish British MP, Luciana Berger, with a photoshopped Star of David patch. He was sentenced to four weeks in jail by trial-by-judge.

“Regardless of what one’s political views are, speech of any kind should not be met with a jail sentence, and we believe this stance is in line with the stated goals of your organization,” wrote Max Macro, Chairman, RPN (US) in an email sent to Amnesty International.

A motion has been put forward to both the RPN (US) and the RPN (Canada) to denounce the prison sentence handed down by the British courts to Mr. Helm as being unjust and excessive, and that the shrill performance of Britain’s Jewish political lobby be declared to be shameless and cowardly in light of the infraction committed.

“In light of the offence committed, and I use that term lightly, the sentence handed out by the courts is preposterous” said Sebastian E. Ronin, President, RPN (Canada). “We see this sentence as a direct attack and warning shot against the rising nationalist group National-Action, to which Mr. Helm is loosely affiliated. Ms. Berger has directly said and admitted as much in interviews given to the British media.”

The RPN in both Canada and the United States is philosophically structured upon the interrelated Three Pillars of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution, regional secessionism, and rising Ethno Nationalism.

Contact:  Max Macro, RPN (US) Chairman
Renaissance Party of North America, P.O. Box 392, Haslett, Michigan , 48840



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