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Bust In Budapest, Finis: Enemy On The Left, Danger To The Right

Amerikan bear droppings

Amerikan bear droppings

The Bust in Budapest, i.e. the Amerikan White Nationalist colossal failure otherwise known as “The Future of Europe Conference” (cough) simply keeps on delivering ideological dividends. It has turned out to be the Amerikan White Nationalist bunny that keeps on giving and giving. We have offered two takes, here and here. This will hopefully be the last entry and then we can put a wrap on this sordid adventure-in-opportunism.

The latest spin at damage control comes from the National Policy Institute talking head, Gregory Hood, with a post at Radix entitled (Get ready for it!), “The First Identitarian Congress.” Congress!!! A fucking congress??? A conference, a conference that was a total failure, a conference held on European turf that openly exposed Amerikan White Nationalism for the imperialistic joke that it is, with a stroke of the keyboard becomes a “Congress”…the founding Congress, mind you.

The degree of desperate leg-humping in order to entertain the hallucination of being European is actually embarrassing. We are entreated to gems such as:

“European-Americans, by turning their back on the New World and embracing their European identity, could champion the idea of Europe as our nation, with our loyalty transferred to our existing communities of culture and blood in the United States and the Continent rather than the egalitarian abstractions of the Declaration of Independence.”

“…that was why the National Policy Institute, having brought the European New Right to make the case against the artificial and deracinated American identity, had to go to Europe.”

“It’s the beginning of a vehicle whereby the key intellectual and political figures in each European nation can coordinate their efforts, meet in fellowship, and hammer out the ideas that will take us to victory.”

“It established the core doctrine of European unity as fundamental.”

“From corresponding with various people who were there, one of the most interesting reactions has been the relative competition between the different countries to host the next Identitarian Congress.”

And on and on, blah blah blah. Read the whole thing at your own discretion. Mr. Hood simply sidesteps one crucial problem: Amerika is not part of the Occident; there is no such thing as a “European-American”; there can be no such thing as an “Amerikan Identitarian.”  The Jewish innovation of the ethno-racial and socio-cultural melting pot has run full cycle, complimenting in process and within the dynamic of New Zion Manifest Destiny. The go-to conservative tactic when pressed up against the wall, where Amerikan White Nationalism finds itself quite frequently these days, of “Make shit up,” morphs to new dimensions of intellectual posturing. Scratch an Amerikan White Nationalist ever so slightly and one will discover a plain old, Amerikan Bear patriotard. The lesson still remains to be learned: one can either politik for the existing nation-state or can politik for the race. Systemically it is mutually exclusive and impossible to politik for both.

Observing Amerikan White Nationalists attempting to escape the existential, 50-year-old, straight jacket ghetto-meme (no matter how tarted up with academic “credentials” it may be) of “Cracker good, Nigger/Jew bad,” would seem to be an exercise in swimming in the deep end of the talent pool with quickly deflating water wings. The end result, no matter how delayed, is still glug-glug-glug…with no lifeguard in sight.

Another butthurt revision on the events in Budapest has been offered at Alternative Right, Jobbik’s Unholy Alliance. The only purpose served here for spin and salvage of the Bust In Budapest is the quickly scribbled intro to an essay that is a year old: “Following the events surrounding the recent NPI conference in Budapest, in which Jobbik distinguished itself by its cowardice and lack of solidarity for fellow identitarians…” The silly and false assumption made here is the claim of “cowardice and lack of solidarity” on the part of Jobbik. As has already been pointed out in a previous post cited/linked above, Jobbik (and likely also Aleksandre Dugin) never had any intention of attending this sorry-ass excuse of imperialistic leg-humping; NPI simply got played at a level of realpolitik, notwithstanding the action taken by the Hungarian Government, that it is not accustomed to. A simple familiarity with Gabor Vona‘s views re Amerika may have saved the hugbox Atlanticists much discomfort and embarrassment:

“Americanism (is) for us a deadly virus. It invades our minds, paralyzes our bodies, weakens our immune system, and finally kills us. The sooner we get this virus out of our system the easier the new beginning becomes because we need a new beginning.”

When a serious nationalist hitter like Carolyn Yeager goes on record to state that, “The ethnicities of Europe and their distinct cultures cause discomfort to Globalists, WN’s and to Putinists,” then something is brewing beneath the surface of autistic self-congratulation and adult adolescent circle jerks. The self-appointed aristocracy wears no clothes; they are naked, their pretense visible for all to see. Something is about to break wide open.

Never ones to miss a good chuckle courtesy of Tha Noo Rite, the Left wages in and rubs all faces involved with the Bust In Budapest into the self-generated mess and laughing stock created.

The historical and ideological wall that Amerikan White Nationalists have run up against is equivalent to the blind attempting to perceive colours; they are still stuck in the box of the false ideological premise which is Amerikan White Nationalism, and it is there where they will remain. It is imperative for them to remain stuck inside the box as they seemingly cannot get beyond attempting to legitimize the futile and frustrated effort to salvage 50 years of bogus ideological analysis and repetitive failure. If they cannot see nor admit that Amerika has become a truly shithole nation beyond repair and redemption, then a political stance to acknowledge and embrace its collapse is obviously and definitely out of the question. For this reason is the most stream-lined and effective tactic for Ethno Nationalists to merely pass them by and leave them behind; we will settle for pulling away 20 percent, one-out-of-five, their best and brightest. The balance is left holding a metaphorical single bowl of gruel and one bullet in the chamber for their befuddled, collective head.

Ethno Nationalists have taken this round thumbs-down, much as they took the recent comical escapade with Tha Rodney Martin. It has been no contest; fish in a barrel put up a more principled perception and analysis. In Budapest the Atlanticists were played like dawdling grandmothers stepping into the lion pit of realpolitik. The Amerikan imperialists were hung out to dry on the plains of Hungary with signs pinned to their chests: Fuck off, and don’t come back. It is the precursor signal to what can only be hoped to be the total blackballing of identified Atlanticists from all future European nationalist conferences and symposia. The message is simple: No one wants your crass and exceptionalist Jewger ideology and politics.

The Amerikan Bear has the sad feelz. The ideological consumers are coming up empty-handed at the local make-shit-up Walmutt Nation outlet. The world dashes forward and the colonial reactionaries are left grasping at long-forgotten and irrelevant straws. The shelves are empty. Secede to survive.

For serious Ethno Nationalist racialists the enemy remains on the Left, however, the danger lurks ostentatiously on the Right. Some reading is in store. Unfortunately, this would require a degree of self-honesty and integrity that is sorely lacking with our brave and principled Atlanticists.

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