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The Mini-Crucifixion of Garron Helm: A Shot Across The Bow

Never identify a Jew as a Jew. That's hatred.

Never identify a Jew as a Jew. That’s hatred.

The heavy-handed prison sentence (relative to the “crime”) handed down by the British State to 21-year old Garron Helm is generating international outrage. The more outrage, the better. The more outrage, the more does the ideological mask slip from the face of the British State.

The facts are simple and by now well-known. Mr. Helm, in a fit of admitted adolescent, Nutzi exuberance posted via his Twitter account a picture of British MP, Luciana Berger, with a Star of David photoshopped onto her forehead. Ms. Berger, who is Jewish, got offended. She pressed charges. The judge presiding came down heavy with a four-week jail sentence.

For anyone who needs to play catch-up, high-pitched and indignant MSM analyses are offered by the Liverpool Echo Oct 20 and the Daily Mail Oct 21. Support for Mr. Garron comes from the Occidental Observer Oct 24, the Daily Stormer Oct 25, and from the Renaissance Party of North America’s friends, National-Action Oct 26.

Although we cannot fault The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin for his support of Mr. Helm, he really does need to be schooled in the realities of realpolitik, so to speak, outside of Amerika. His claim at the above link, “The topic here is freedom of speech.  That is the issue at hand.  We absolutely have a right to it, no matter who it might offend.  The entire purpose of freedom of speech is to protect speech which offends, as if no one is offended by certain speech than no one is going to try to take that speech away,” is patently false. It is a common mistake made by Amerikans: the world is not Amerika; Commonwealth countries do not have the ideological and legal advantage of a First Amendment. This is why actual political conduct in Commonwealth countries is a tad more complicated and trickier than the Amerikan conservative option of “make-shit-up.” Mr. Anglin’s sentiment is noble. Given Mr. Helm’s predicament and the events that lead up to it, it is also useless.

(That the world is not Amerika is an ongoing lesson to be learned by Amerikan White Nationalist imperialists. The very last thing we wish to see is some kind of underhanded, opportunistic leg-humping around Mr. Helm’s plight to salvage some face after the recent drubbing in the art of realpolitik administered by Jobbik and Alexandre Dugin at the Bust In Budapest.)

The actual “crime” committed by Mr. Helm is peanuts. What matters within the larger picture/context is that he has voluntarily offered himself up as both patsy and mini-crucifixion. This is made clear by Ms. Berger’s statement as reported by the British press that she hoped the sentence would “send a clear message that hate crime is not tolerated in this country.” The British State has lobbed a shot across the bow at anyone or at any organization that would dare challenge business-as-usual, i.e. the state-endorsed and facilitated swamping of Britain by a wide array of mud people, in particular Muslims, and fully supported by the Jewish lobby nestled within the British State.

The famous Talleyrand dictum of, “It was worse than a crime; it was a mistake,” is unfortunately not only applicable to Mr. Helm’s cyberspace boner, it is more so applicable to, in Mr. Helm’s direct experience, National-Action, the political organization with which he is most identified. In effect, Mr. Helm has merely spouted a rogue statement which is costing him four weeks to cool his heels. What goes unnoticed is that there are thousands of cyberspace Garron Helms shooting off their mouths and playing directly into our enemies’ hands, be they Jewish and non-Jewish; the “movement” is littered with rogues who are hell-bent on making shit up. There is no structure; there is no hierarchy; there is no order; there is no organization; there is no guidance; there is no political accountability. There is merely a big stick awaiting at the end of rogue bravado, positioned with all the resources and “legitimacy” of the state, to whack down the rogues to the detriment of any organization that may be attempting to back them up. As has been the case for 50 years, the “movement” continues to be its own worst Judas Goat.

A simple propaganda alteration made by Mr. Helm may have deflated Ms. Berger’s legal grounds for “hate speech” and saved Mr. Helm four weeks of prison time. Had he chosen to photoshop a blue-white Star of David rather than a duplication of the Nazi-era yellow patch then this entire sordid mess may not be. Was Mr. Helm conscious of his intent? The presiding judge seemed to think so. Youthful Nutzi exuberance is silly, yet it does not warrant jail time. An executive-coordinated decision on the part of National-Action may well have spotted this most simple of tactical shifts.

As an example of guiding principle, we offer a Policy Position recently passed by the Renaissance Party of North America. What can be stated and cannot be stated is tempered by concrete guidelines:

While recognizing the Zionist and the American imperialistic nature of the Globalist imperative in general, the RPN openly and transparently denounces the machinations of international Zionism and the highly doubtful historic event known as the “Holocaust”, coupled with the strong advocacy for White European, secessionist ethno-states on the North American continent to neutralize and/or fully negate the extent and influence of the Jewish spirit upon the institutions of finance, culture, and government.

As such, I shall be proposing to both the Kanadian and Amerikan RPN Executives that the following statement-of-support for Mr. Helm be approved: MOVED, that the Kanadian and Amerikan RPN Executives denounce the prison sentence handed down by the British courts to Garron Helm as being unjust and excessive, and that the shrill performance of Britain’s Jewish political lobby be declared to be shameless and cowardly in light of the infraction committed.

We further call on American Renaissance, the National Policy Institute, and the American Freedom Party to issue like statements of support for Mr. Helm with corresponding denunciations of the British Jewish political lobby.

This is how shit gets done. It flies in the face of making shit up.

For some comic relief within this sordid mess, it need be asked if Ms. Berger and Matthew Heimbach’s ex-sweetheart are related. Will tha Traddy Yoots be taking an affirmative stance against the unjust justice meted out to Mr. Garron? As with statements of principle requested from AmRen, NPI, and the AFP, we wait with bated breath. Ooh la la!

Is she offended that I am offended?

Is she offended that I am offended?

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