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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Is THA ROD Still Flopping Around?

Chairman THA ROD

Chairman THA ROD

There is one thing about Rodney Martin, “Chairman” of the non-existent legal entity known as the “American Nationalist Association” (cough): he is persistent with his deceitful buffoonery. Like a hooked fish out of water, he keeps on asphyxiating towards his own political death. Then again on the other hand, to keep with the analogy, his own conduct is equivalent to the club that one uses with which to whack a caught fish across the head. Go, THA ROD!

This guy is a walking lawyer joke: How can you tell when a lawyer is lying? He no sooner dodges and dances around getting outed on one deceit, than he willy-nilly rushes into the next.

The most recent lie that THA ROD has been caught in is that of his supposed academic credentials, none of which, apparently, he holds. On this one he has been outed by his ongoing nemesis, Carolyn Yeager. (On a side note, this theme of phony academic credentials seems to be trending. THA ROD’s case is as hilarious as is that of the IMPERIUM EUROPA folks photocopying a doctorate for Paulie Fromm. The noo aristocracy shines with its underhanded deceits.)

We congratulate and fully support Ms. Yeager for her ongoing persistence in flushing out this scum bag. The tendency of Amerikan White Nationalist conservatives to simply make-shit-up under the guise of political ideology and commentary is well known, be it from any number of bottom-feeding loons to the small handful of B-Grade academics that litter its ranks and have littered its ranks for 50 years. However, in the case of THA ROD, the Amerikan “nationalist” movement has not seen the likes of him since the heady days of JT Ready. The only difference between the deceitful arrogance as shown by the National Policy Institute around The Bust In Budapest and THA ROD’s antics is one of exceptionalist degree, not of Amerikan type. The notion of internal and repeating Judas Goat takes on an entirely new dimension, one that is beyond the creative scope of THE ROD’s own political imagination and resources, one would think. This guy is a real gem!

We couldn’t care less should THA ROD be in process of blowing up the Amerikan White Nationalist “movement.” In that respect, all power to him. Furthermore, in that respect, his decadent conduct is indicative of not only a decadent and reactionary “movement” swirling down the whirlpool of history; it is more so indicative of an entire decadent country swirling down the whirlpool of history. The Empire (and its frantic apologists) is dead.

Our concern is that THA ROD’s antics land on the ideology and movement of rising Ethno Nationalism. After all, he has shamelessly saddled up to being an Ethno Nationalist without having the slightest clue as to what that entails. THA ROD wouldn’t know Ethno Nationalism if it walked up to him and kicked him in the balls.

To repeat, THA ROD is not an Ethno Nationalist. He is a red-white-blue, mom-and-apple-pie, Murka-muthahfuckah, quite-exceptional White Nationalist.

This guy is bad news. He comically flops around on a wharf whacking himself across the head with the club of his own conduct. The sight is both pitiful and hilarious at the same instant.

The Renaissance Party of North America and real Ethno Nationalists simply wish not to have any of the unseemly splatterings of these death throes land upon us. We don’t think that is asking for too much.

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