Why Stand-Up Comedians and Rock Stars Should Not Be Making Political Commentary

“As AMericans, we must also fight for our identity.” – ramzpaul

Huh? This is yet another shining example of why stand-up comedians and Rock stars should not be making political commentary.

Amerika willfully and consciously set out to become the anti-Europe New Zion. It has succeeded beyond wildest imagination. Congratulations! You’re exceptional.

There is no such thing as a “European Amerikan.” That cultural bond, not racial, was severed a long time ago. Amerika has no ethnicity. It has its Zionist melting pot only. It is now too late in the game to go leg-humping pretending to be “European.”

As for political commentary, Murkan White Nationalists need to realize that they are in the same company with stand-up comedians and Rock stars. International Ethno Nationalism rises, Amerikan White Nationalist cultural imperialism falls like a rock.


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