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Renaissance Party of North America (US) Announces Incorporation Status

Ouroboros and Sun 2 small(First posted at the RPN site on July 12, 2013.)

Press Release: Renaissance Party of North America


Renaissance Party of North America (US) Announces Incorporation Status

LANSING, Michigan (July  12, 2013)  Following the successful Occupy South African Embassies public demonstration held by the Renaissance Party of North America (Canada) in Toronto on June 15, the Renaissance Party of North America (US) is announcing its status as an incorporated entity. The two federal parties will share common Peak Oil, Secessionist, and Ethno Nationalist visions and agendas.

“The Renaissance Party of North America (RPN) is light years ahead of its competitors in the American political arena by recognizing ecological, ethno-racial, secessionist, and related socio-economic conditions,” said RPN (US) Co-Chairman, Max Macro.  “The RPN offers planning solutions relative to our major premises in order to facilitate the transition process towards Post-Peak Oil societies and eventual autonomous Ethno States for North America’s major ethno-racial stakeholders.”

The RPN (US) and the RPN (Canada) have full intention to field candidates in the next federal elections to be held in 2016 and 2015 respectively.

“We are excited to be taking this major step onto the stage of North American nationalist politics as Ethno Nationalists,” said Erick Weigel, RPN (US) Co-Chairman. “Our legal status now gives us the necessary legitimacy to signal to and approach decision-makers and power brokers who have been curiously waiting in the wings observing our ideological evolution.”

“We look forward to a solid working partnership and to offering a Third Position to the two North American electorates that will, in effect, be a third position,” said Sebastian E. Ronin, President, RPN (Canada). “At these most crucial of times we intend to speak and propose what most citizens barely allow themselves to imagine. The time is ripe.”

The RPN (US) is a US political organization recognizing the interrelationship between Peak Oil energy devolution, regional secessionism, and Ethno Nationalism on the North America continent, and advocating for the synergy thereof.  The Party’s Founding Directors have recently opened the door for paid memberships, and are in the process of coordinating Occupy South African Embassies events in the United States.

Contact:  Max Macro, RPN Co-Chairman
Renaissance Party of North America, P.O. Box 392, Haslett, Michigan , 48840

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