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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Ethno Nationalism or White Nationalism: One Cannot Have Both, by Max Macro, Co-Chair, RPN (US)

The wedge becomes a dagger.

The wedge becomes a dagger.

(First published at the RPN site on July 2, 2013.)

In light of cheap attempts at character assassination made by some panicked, hysterical ass narcissistic enough to think a couple of gibes made over perplexing, irresponsible statements – now clarified and retracted, issued by one of his associates somehow equates to a personal attack on himself, it is my duty as co-chairman of the now-incorporated Renaissance Party of North America (US) to step into the fray and provide clarification in light of these attacks.  The fact that this individual has chosen to employ a convenient scapegoat by exploiting Mr. Ronin’s contentious status within the NAmerikan White Nationalist “movement”, wrongfully blaming Mr. Ronin for every single item of fallout regarding said statements in a blatantly dishonest effort to absolve his colleague of personal accountability is very telling.

Given Merlin Miller’s overt betrayal of his constituency, the general wariness of others hijacking racial politics for their own, unrelated ends is understandable. However before one begins leveling such charges, they should at the very least do some basic background checking.  The idea that the racial and Ethno Nationalist elements of the RPN platform are simply tacked on as half-thought out accessories designed to dupe the related target audience into supporting unrelated ulterior motives is refuted by the numerous articles published by Mr. Ronin as well as debates and conversations- both personal and public, ongoing for many years.  The RPN (US) 8871 form and our Articles of Incorporation explicitly state that our purpose is “collecting donations and making expenditures to facilitate the election of candidates, and to raise awareness of issues concerning US citizens of primarily and unconditionally European ancestry and all other racial and ethnic historic stakeholders who share our philosophy, aspirations, and agenda.”   Our bylaws also reflect the same platform, and are available for public review.

The fact that Mr. Ronin has a very marginal history with two Canadian provincial Green parties (he has never been a member of the federal party) is inconsequential,  as confirmed by charting out a timeline of past statements, electoral bids, and subsequent exit of the contemporary  “green” political sphere and entry into others. As explicitly identified and stated by Mr. Ronin on  November 17th, 2008, during his short-lived involvement with the Green Party of Nova Scotia and  prior to his visible entry in White Nationalist circles, “Even within the context of imperial decline, isolated and honorable positions such as ethnic and cultural identities, past historical wrongs, or calls for justice, freedom and liberty, strictly on their own and no matter how legitimate and worthy their merit, will not suffice to ignite or to carry the secessionist movement to completion” and  on February 27th, 2009, “Cultural and ethnic drivers towards secession, even the bourgeoning States’ Rights movement, are contained within the meta-conditions and meta-dictates of the Second Law”.  Please note as well the inclusion of “Post-Peak Oil, Occidental Nationalism, NAmerican Secessionism” in the upper-left hand corner of the site.

These items are sufficient proof that Mr. Ronin was working in an Ethno Nationalist framework, albeit on a much softer level due to the imposed political limitations of the GPNS, prior to engagement with NAmerikan White Nationalists.  At that, “imposed political limitations” did not prevent ill-founded and irrelevant accusations of “Nazi” from ideologically shallow Nova Scotia Greens. Mr. Ronin has been a committed bioregional secessionist for 30 years, dating back to proposing a Cascadian secessionist plank for the Green Party of  British Columbia, at a time when Harold Covington was still prancing around in Dixie in an ill-fitting Sturmführer uniform.

If nationalists of any brand/stripe wish to expand their target audience beyond the pool Tea Baggers and related sycophants to self-undermining Amerikan exceptionalism and imposed Jewish ideological conceptions, then paranoid outbursts at those not coming from said background are certainly not the way to do it.

As anyone without a personal grudge clouding their objectivity can clearly see, race and ethnicity play an explicit and central role in our platform. If I thought otherwise, I would not have willingly signed as co-chairman, previously being an A3P member and former National Alliance supporter, nor would my co-chair, Erick Weigel.

If stating the fact that the trajectory of racial politics does not exist in isolation from all other factors constitutes “cuckolding”, warranting a flurry of despaired vituperations, then so be it.  A movement dying from its own political blindness shows its hand, and shows that it effectively fails to incorporate a nuanced understanding of and accompanying comprehensive solution to a variety of problems impacting the fate of White Euros, thus it will never be able to capture their support, despite the lip service it pays to the aforementioned notions.  Mr. Ronin has single-handedly incorporated the meta and gestalt “Ecology of Race” discourse into a community that is much too restricted by a limited and suicidal discourse consisting of “Cracker good; Nigger/Jew bad.”

Cries of “14 words!” and related professional variations do not put food on the table, nor do they offer an y tangible identities and understanding of self beyond the vague and largely meaningless “white American.”

In addition to responding to the panicked and unfounded attacks on Mr. Ronin, I am again delineating a clean and distinct break from NAmerikan White Nationalism, as has been overtly and repeatedly done by other RPN and Renaissance Vanguard members in the past.  Race is an incidental plank in the ship of any concrete, established ethnicity and related identity. The ethno states respective to NAmerikan White Euros will be exclusively White in their biological composition, with “White” serving as an initial starting point for community organizing in respective areas, existing bioregional/proto identities becoming racialized, they will not be White nor “American” in any variation thereof in their actual identities as they come into fruition.

If one is to purport to be a White Ethno Nationalist, then this position must be fully, courageously, and unconditionally owned. A mere, ignorant lip-service in an attempt to play catch-up and score cheap brownie points must be flushed out and identified at all times for the sham that it is. Those types of false champions of White interests do a great disservice bordering on tactical and strategic betrayal. One can politick for the redundant industrial nation-state or one can politick for the continental White European Race via creation of ethno nationalist, secessionist breakaways. It is and will remain an impossibility to politick for both. Such is the great Murkan blind spot of White Nationalism’s betrayal of those whom it would purport to naively represent.

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