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Occupy South African Embassies Event: First Crawl, Then Walk

(Note: First published at Renaissance Party of North America, June 19, 2013.)

The Occupy South African Embassies event held in Toronto on June 15th was a great success. Coming shortly on the heels of having been incorporated as a legal entity in March, the Renaissance Party of North America has assertively introduced itself to the public. All 308 sitting Members of Parliament were individually notified of the event by email with attached copy of press release. It is a first, little-big shot across the bow of Kanadian federal politics.

RPN Directors, supporters, and assorted White Nationalist guests gather on the South African Consulate steps. The SA flag flown upside-down signals distress.
Christopher Creighton and Paul Fromm signal a healthy alliance between Kanadian Ethno Nationalists and White Nationalists. Unfortunately, Mr. Fromm could not stay for more than half an hour of the four-hour event.
New RPN supporters showed up unannounced, having seen the event promoted on Facebook, and were eager to man the banners.
Max Macro (left), representing the RPN (USA). Sebastian E. Ronin (centre), RPN President. Christopher Creighton (right) RPN South Africa Liaison.
Max Macro (left), representing the RPN (USA). Sebastian E. Ronin (centre), RPN President. Christopher Creighton (right), RPN South Africa Liaison. We exit the gate together.

OSAE  Event, De-Brief:

  • June 15th, the day of the event, a Saturday, was selected intentionally so as to not interfere with SA Consulate staff. The Metro Toronto Police were very appreciative of this diplomatic gesture. Option to retain this gesture for future OSAE events is retained.
  • A three-man Metro Toronto Police bicycle squad was on hand for the entire event. Precinct 33 had been duly notified in advance. Prior to getting underway, an RCMP agent also introduced himself to Mr. Ronin and Mr. Creighton. The RPN maintains excellent relations with federal police agencies, dating back to Mr. Ronin’s post-Breivik statement and video released in July and August 2011 respectively. Proper protocol was appreciated at all levels of mutual interest. The RPN’s Policy Positions clearly identify the necessity for military and police support and endorsement.
  • The office complex holding the SA Consulate is removed from Yonge Street by two blocks, missing most of Saturday pedestrian traffic. This was a down-side. The decision was quickly made to leaflet passing cars in both directions on busy Shephard Avenue. Supportive honks outnumbered rude calls at about a ratio of 15:1.
  • All Toronto media had received a press release the week prior to the event. They did not show. CTV contacted us at the event by cell phone, informing us that a television crew was on its way. They did not show. That the RPN will likely be black-balled by the tightly centralized Kanadian media (as has been, as example, the Canadian Action Party for the 17 years of its existence), should come as no surprise. We will be forced to make them a media offer that they cannot refuse.
  • Anti-Racist Canada was quick to put up a bonehead blog post called, Another Bonehead Protest Goes Bust, drawing highly questionable conclusions and affiliations. When these were clarified for ARC, hits on the RPN web site spiked significantly. We thank ARC for the exposure to the Antifa crowd. How could sincere and principled racialists progress without you?
  • The three immediate days after the event witnessed the busiest days ever for the RPN web site, and still climbing. Minus media coverage, we attribute this interest to our banners’ exposure to several thousand automobiles, the misfired ARC hit piece, and a self-serving article targeting primarily Amerikan White Nationalists. We’ll take it and step carefully and diplomatically ahead from there.
  • Incoming support from South Africans has been overwhelming. We thank you. We hope that our small action has gone some way to bringing the necessary and crucial attention to your very large crisis.
  • Mr. Ronin and Mr. Creighton have already discussed holding future OSAE events with small flying squads of RPN members and supporters. Seven Kanadian cities have been targeted as holding the required in-city support. Support in Amerikan cities remains to be determined. Creighton and Ronin will bring this proposal to the next meeting of the RPN Executive on June 30, 2013.
Ronin and Creighton celebrate a very successful day at post-event eats and drinks in downtown Toronto.
Ronin and Creighton celebrate a very successful day at post-event eats and drinks in downtown Toronto.

On behalf of the RPN Executive and membership, we would like to thank everyone who made this day the success it was. It is on the propaganda and PR “books” as an asset. As part of our Ethno Nationalist and ethno-secessionist policy positions in support and defense of the beleaguered South African White Euros, we will be bringing further attention to this most worthwhile of causes and we will be adding further value to this asset. Count on it!

Win first, fight later!

Sebastian E. Ronin, President, Renaissance Party of North America

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