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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

RPN Introductory Policy Positions Complete

(Originally published at Renaissance Party of North America.)

As at February 17, 2013 policy development is cut off until the innaugural AGM & Policy Conference. The Founding Directors are to be congratulated on having pulled together the Party’s “kick-start” Policy package. We push the envelope while retaining revolutionary legitimacy and respectability. We shall hit a nerve. The electorate will squirm.

RPN Policy Positions

Policy Categories: Political, Ecology, Economic, Cultural, Social (PEECS)

1.      Political

1.1.  At the RPN’s discretion, political alliance with the Bloc Quebecois, the denunciation and legal challenge of the Federal Clarity Act inclusive

1.2.  At the RPN’s discretion, political alliance with Native Peoples

1.3.  At the RPN’s discretion, political alliance with all North American secessionist movements and/or political parties

1.4.  At the RPN’s discretion, political alliance with all international friendly and peaceful secessionist movements and/or political parties

1.5.  Immediate withdrawal from the Globalist military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

1.6.  Immediate withdrawal from the Globalist-oriented United Nations

1.7.  Declaration that the British Crown to be a Globalist and illegitimate institution, and parallel calling for a constitutional debate in order to reject and eject the British monarchy as the constitutional head of the Canadian state

1.8.  Recognize, with careful and judicious conditions and on an ad hoc basis that is open to re-interpretation at the RPN’s prerogative, a negotiated circumpolar perception, comprehension, and ideological extension of the geopolitical concept of Eurasia to include the landmass of Canada and its northern territories

2.      Ecology

2.1.  While not necessarily being at variance with some of the ecological and social problems identified by the United Nations Agenda 21 that infer at the imminent collapse of global industrialism, an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Canadian support for and participation with the Globalist controlled and administered Agenda 21 with corresponding support for regional analyses, solutions, and implementations for said ecological and social problems

2.2.  Immediate withdrawal of the Canadian Government from the United Nations Codex Alimentarius Commission and the corresponding rescinding of all Codex legislation passed in Canada that impact on the Canadian food consumer

2.3.  Immediate banning of all GMO food practices in Canada, fish and livestock inclusive, from research and planting to harvesting, and corresponding removal from food retail shelves of all existing GMO food products

 3.      Economy

3.1.  Immediate review and freeze on any and all Federal financial, legislative, and political support and/or incentives for Tar Sands Development

3.2.  Immediate review and freeze on any and all Federal participation towards the development of continental fresh water export via ocean tanker and/or a proposed North American Super Corridor

3.3.  Encouragement and support for the development of regional currencies

3.4.  Encouragement and support for the winding down of the Bank of Canada and the creation of regional banking institutions

3.5.  Review of all Federal bureaucracies, programs and agencies with a target of 50 percent reduction, the Canadian Armed Forces and Federal police agencies excluded

3.6.  Implementation of regional agricultural policies to make each Canadian region fully self-sufficient for the feeding of its relative populace

3.7.  Implementation of regional and functional technical apprenticeship programs on the European apprenticeship model

3.8.  Implementation of social and economic safety nets for the unemployed in exchange for labour and services in-kind

3.9.  Immediate withdrawal of all Federal Government financial subsidies for the Canadian nuclear fission industry while keeping a guarded option open for the continued research and possible large-scale implementation of nuclear fusion, energy and financial resources to do so in a post-collapse world allowing

3.10.  Gradual and staggered winding down of all federal transfer payments coupled to the introduction of a 15% federal flat-tax on corporations and individuals with all corporate tax avoidance and legal loopholes rescinded by statute and firmly policed and prosecuted with extreme prejudice

4.      Culture

4.1.  Immediate freeze and winding down of all Federal programs that can be deemed to have a mandate of Political Correctness, in particular, all programs that support the ideological imperatives of Multiculturalism and Feminism

4.2.  Immediate termination of all Federally funded arts programs to be replaced at the discretion of Provinces and/or regions to reflect regional cultural health and ambitions

4.3.  Immediate review for the rewriting of the 1991 Broadcasting Act, in particular as the Act relates to the multicultural and multiracial mandates of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and with an aim to down-sizing the CBC to regional mandates only with like regional financial and organizational structures

5.      Social

5.1.  Denunciation, with an aim towards radical overhaul and/or nullification, of Canada’s immigration policies and related Immigration Act(s) and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as back-door Globalist statutes with intent to forever alter the ethno-racial fabric of Canada and marginalise its original stakeholder Native and White European races and ethnicities

5.2.  Immediate freeze and review of Canada’s immigration policy and current Immigration Act which focus on non-White European ethnicities and races, targeting in particular the Globalist agenda for a century-end population of 100 million

5.3.  A $2,000 one-time grant to rural households, where bylaws permit for construction of and use, towards an alternative energy system consisting of wind generator or solar technology and related conversion and storage technology

5.4.  A $2,000 one-time grant to urban households towards an alternative energy system consisting of solar technology and related conversion and storage technology

5.5.  Immediate reintroduction of the death penalty for the capital crimes, to be determined by statute, of first degree murder, the rape of a minor, and the egregious and conscious, i.e. with intent, financial fraud of the common weal

5.6.  To prospect at future RPN policy conventions any and all legal alternatives and initiatives, the introduction of Bill C-10 notwithstanding, to the existing lax and unconscionable penalties administered by both legal statute and by the courts for convictions of rape and paedophilia, up to and including surgical and/or chemical castration for offenders inclusive with the extension of prison sentences as identified by Bill C-10, and will fight with full conviction to thwart any and all efforts to introduce the social acceptance of and related legalisation of paedophilia

5.7.  Endorsement of and advocate for a Pro-Life stance, with the exception of extreme conditions and/or circumstances, in the ongoing political debate on the moral and legal status of abortion

5.8.  Gradual and staggered implementation of the public health care system being totally transferred from the federal to the provincial levels of financing and administration

5.9.  All RPN members, upon being elected as candidates to stand as a Member of Parliament, to sign a legally binding and public document to be published in the candidate’s riding announcing the donation of 50 percent of the Member of Parliament’s base salary ($157,731 at time of policy clause approval) to a charity and/or charities of the candidate’s choice upon election as a Member of Parliament

5.10.  In light of ethno-racial conflict verging on civil unrest possibly erupting spontaneously or being orchestrated by the Globalist governments in question or by a combination of both in Europe, the United States, and South Africa, implement and fast-track, if and when necessary, all legal, diplomatic, and bureaucratic channels and procedures to facilitate White European immigration from the latter to designated Canadian rural destinations with a post-collapse focus on skills, trades, farming, and military service over professional qualifications

5.11.  Financial incentive offered to White European heterosexual families for child reproduction on an upwardly sliding scale

5.12.  Failing a declaration of personal bankruptcy within a set time limit from graduation, student debt relief for all undergraduate college and university graduates who are Canadian citizens with permanent residency status in Canada to a maximum of 50 percent of student debt held upon graduation, of a minimum principal amount to be determined, in exchange for one year of community or military volunteer service that is equal in value to the amount of the debt forgiveness

5.13.  Immediate legalization of marijuana for recreational and health purposes, in particular the treatment of cancer, based in part on the recommendations made in 2002 by the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs which stated in part that “the harm associated with cannabis is far outweighed by the harm created by prohibition itself and we recommend complete legalization of cannabis”

5.14.  Immediate termination of the federally-sponsored Canadian Human Rights Commission

5.15.  Advocate for and support for a full reinvestigation of the events which took place in New York City on September 11, 2001, up to and including any and all foreknowledge that the Canadian Government may have had in the alleged terrorist attack

5.16.  Conscription into the Canadian Armed Forces (Ground) of non-university enrolled males at age 18 or at completion of high school, whichever comes first, for two years with conscripts to be stationed in the Land Force Area of conscription

5.17.  Restructuring of Canadian Armed Forces (Ground) from four to six regional commands via the breaking of Land Force Western Area into Land Force Prairie and Land Force Cascadia Areas and the creation of a Land Force Arctic Area, while increasing strength of all six regional commands from regimental to division strength

5.18.  Renaming of Canadian Armed Forces Land Force Atlantic Area to Land Force Novacadia Area

5.19.  Recognition and opening of Pan-Arctic, multi-polar dialogue and diplomacy with Canada’s Northern Hemispheric neighbours towards keeping any and all resource development in the Arctic under Northern Hemispheric control and direction

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