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American Third Position Proposes Merger with Renaissance Party of North America

Ouroboros and Sun 2 small(Originally published in Renaissance Vanguard.)

The American Freedom Party (AFP), formerly known as the American Third Position Party (A3P), has proposed a merger with the Renaissance Party of North America (RPN).

The proposal was made February 15, 2013 via a Facebook comment by the AFP’s President, William Johnson, commenting on the announcement of the RPN’s “Ten Principles of Ethno-Nationalism.” Mr. Johnson said, “They should combine with us.”

As a lawyer, Mr. Johnson must know that he revealed quite a bit more than he may have intended. If the comment was intended to be flippant or not is beside the point; the signal has been sent. The AFP, via its President, has signalled an overture to the RPN; it is not the RPN that has signalled an overture to the AFP. It may be ventured that the AFP has exposed weakness of its declining fortunes in the face of the strength of the RPN’s rising fortunes.

Max Macro, Co-Chairman of the RPN (USA) Steering Committee, was quick to query Mr. Johnson. Mr. Macro said, “Curious as to how an America First!™ mandate can be reconciled with a pan-secession/energy devolutionist one. I am just not seeing how that one works, thus, I see no reason as to why we should merge with A3P, though I see several reasons as to why A3P should disband their ideological platform and merge under our umbrella, sans Merlin Miller.”

Merlin Miller, of course, was the A3P’s recent Presidential candidate who left the American White Nationalist community somewhat aghast with his radio interview (listen @ 1:17.18) comment that the A3P is a stellar organization, except that it happened to be peopled by the odd White Nationalist.

Sebastian E. Ronin, Chairman of the Renaissance Vanguard and President of the RPN, found Mr. Miller’s overture to be somewhat “quaint” and politically disingenuous. “We advocate for the winding down of the Canadian and American industrial nation-states towards autonomous ethno-states,” said Mr. Ronin. “This is ideological light years removed from the AFP’s American exceptionalist “Liberty. Sovereignty. Identity.”

“Dialogue is always possible, the door is open,” continued Mr. Ronin. “However, with our imminent incorporation as a legal entity, growing membership, preparedness for the Canadian 2015 federal election and flood of secessionist petitions in the wake of the Obama election, our stock is on the rise. As Ethno Nationalists, we have no problem whatsoever in cleaving Ethno Nationalist sentiment away from White Nationalism. Splitting the support of the North American nationalist community plays to our advantage. We hold a strong hand with which to tentatively negotiate.”

The RPN’s incorporation application and payment have been sent to Ottawa. In anticipation of finally surmounting this bureaucratic hurdle, the RPN’s Executive Council has diligently prepared over the last several months first-generationPolicy Positions. The recently published Ten Principles of Ethno Nationalism are complimentary to the RPN’s Constitution and Policies.

The RPN (USA) Steering Committee is in full swing towards applying for its s.527 and should also be fully incorporated within the year. Dialogue has been opened to create a British Renaissance Party Steering Committee. Interest to create a Renaissance Party of South Africa is ongoing. The Ethno Nationalist stable in the English-speaking world fills and takes shape.

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