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Ramzpaul’s Murkan Exceptionalism: Fail

(Disclaimer: The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, Chairman of the Renaissance Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theoryconstitutional foundation, and policies of the RPN.)

Dedicated to the Memory and Courage of Russell Charles Means, November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012. RIP, Sir.

The YouTube celebrity, ramzpaul, is a smart guy and probably means well in a bungling, Republican sort of way. He likely thinks that he is a conscientious racialist. He is also an observant and clever opportunist. But predominantly, he is a Murka-Firster.

Ramzpaul has piggy-backed onto the viral YouTube video released by the French group, Génération Indentitaire, with his own “A New Declaration of Independence.” He might possibly be horrified to know that the French are one of the most legislatively virulent European nations for keeping Murkan schlock culture out of their country. He might be further horrified to know that Bloc Identitaire, the organization behind Génération Identitaire, rejects the Murkan innovation of crass “White Nationalism.” The BI is allied with secessionist movements of a similar outlook in Portugal, Catalonia, Holland, Belgium (Vlaams Belang), and Italy (Lega Nord). The philosophical core of BI is Ethno Nationalism, not imperialistic, Murkan “White Nationalism.”

Ramzpaul’s propaganda piggy-back is a lie encompassing a reactionary and pedestrian political outlook. A wounded and cornered animal, as is Murka at this end-game of its twisted and murderous history and Empire, is a dangerous animal.

Murka is done, it is finished. It is a thermodynamic, spiritual, and cultural wasteland. Except for its obedient pooch, Israel, it does not have a friend in the world. It spirals towards its Puritanical, Evangelical-New Zionist, preordained destiny. It has been hot-wired for ontological decadence since 1776. No amount of too-little-too-late, feel-good leg humping, pretending to be European, can alter this trajectory. Murka has pursued its loud, obnoxious, boisterous, murderous, ugly, and imperialistic exceptionalism without regard for any nation or culture except its own. And now “The House on the Hill” gets to eat the bitter consequences of its chosen Manifest Destiny; it gets to sleep in the poisonous bed that it has made. The Jew’s cultural work here, in collaboration with the  military and financial brass, is done. Zionists are in no position to proclaim that they are not Zionists.

In order of Ramzpaul’s empty, wishful, and reactionary sentiments, the counters are as follows:

“We are Americans.”

Yes, indeed, assuming that what is inferred to here are White Amerikans. Empty of spirit and culture, undergone a lobotomy of racial memory by the scalpel of popular culture, the Jewnited States of Murka is a done deal. The Murkan Congress officially signed off on it with the passage of The Noahide Laws in 1991. “Amerika” has not been a “nation” since at least 1865. There is no “America.” There is only the ethno-racial Melting Pot of its chosen destiny. Puritanical Anti-Europe/New Zion has become exactly what it set out to become: New Zion.

“We are the Americans who get attacked by flash mobs because of our race.”

True and unfortunate. But the Negroes who constitute the flash mobs are also “Americans”, as are the Mexicans “American” who have successfully occupied the southwestern states, as are the Muslims “Americans” who clamour for Sharia Law, as are all ethnicities and races “Americans” inside the mongrel stew of the Melting Pot. Resorting to a spent jingoism is not presenting an ethno-racialist argument. Lumping the history of the Murkan Negro in with anti-multiculturalism is a false argument.

“…who have experienced the lies of diversity and forced integration.”

Also true, to a degree. This is the Globalist plan. Real, i.e. separated/secessionist, ecological political diversity is healthy. However, the Globalist variation of monoculturalism, for which the Murkan Melting Pot was the perfect target, has absolutely nothing to do with ecological diversity.

“We are the generation of Americans that faces formal job and educational discrimination and yet, we are expected to apologize for our supposed privilege. We are the Americans who have experienced the damning of our history, of our culture, of our nation.”

Yep. Please defer to the writings of Francis Parker Yockey, Michael O’Meara, and Aleksandr Dugin in order to identify the primary enemy. Murka is not only a deracinated and decadent state; it is a criminal state. It is the enemy of 95 percent of the world’s population. Europeans giggle at Murkan, ass-clown racial politics. Of course Europeans are going to damn a “culture” consisting of NFL football, i.e. Whites applauding dancing Negroes, professional wrestling, and NASCAR and Walmutt Nations.

“We Americans reject the politically correct lies you have placed in our children’s history books.”

True, these are horrid lies. A lie can also be represented by omission. A prime example is the murder by starvation of 750,000 German POWs by the victorious Allied general, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Nowhere is it evident that “da Jooz” held his toes to the fire. Always remember: the vanquished do not write history.

“We have stopped embracing or celebrating your notion of diversity.”

Really? Tell it to the 100 million Zionist Evangelicals.

“We are a people who are no longer ashamed of our ancestry or our past. Our nation is our people, our identity, our blood.”

Murkans are not “a people”, even though the inference here again is to “White Murkans.” White Murka, as is its Jewish-created Melting Pot, is a social construct of surplus humanity scraped from the industrial dislocation of 19th Century Europe. Shame may or may not be necessary to acknowledge conquest. However, the fact remains that the economic “miracle” of Murka was hinged upon the foundation of the genocide of one race and the enslavement of another. True, the vanquished do not write history. That’s the way it goes. Murka, as a whole, is in process of discovering this brutal truth. (ORION, though a catchy propaganda meme, is based on a senseless political premise, scratched in the dirt of prison yard, 14-88 philosophy, even there the germ of ignorant Murkan imperialism foisting its ugly head and crude knuckles. There will be no White Ummah with its Mecca in downtown Arkansas. No one outside of Murka, with the exception of Israel, wants to be affiliated with Murka, no matter how often we are entertained to the repetitive, self-serving flatulence of, “Our race is our nation.” Do you not get it? Murkan “White Nationalists” have not yet developed the political sophistication and  maturity to seriously take part in the international Ethno Nationalist discourse. The imperialistic, hidden agenda of “Our race is our nation” is as retarded and self-serving as is the Rockwellian clarion call of “This time the world.”)

“We are heirs to our own future.”

Yep. A feast of consequences, in fuckin’ spades, delivered on a silver platter.

“We turn off your Marxist, televised propaganda. We are no longer silent, no matter how many ways you try to censor us.”

Wow! How the revelation from the Murkan conservative elite of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” did not manage to get squeezed in here is a disappointment! Carry on.

“We will never back down and we will never give in.”

That’s nice. A hero in every coffin. The brass is pleased.

“We are sick of the hypocrits (sic) that proclaim their love of diversity while they hide from it.”

Agreed. Hypocrisy is a bitch…but not quite as much as is self-deceit.

“We live in a bankrupt country, bankrupt financially, and bankrupt spiritually.”

Not quite. Murka has been handed off to receivership some time ago, especially spiritual receivership. (Oxford, receiver, n. person appointed by a court to administer the property of a bankrupt or insane [emphasis mine] person.) Who might this metaphor of “receiver” be? None less than the judgment of history.

“We are done having our young men die and bleed for alien powers.”

This is every Murkan White Nationalist’s favourite wet dream: Murka is Israel’s bitch. Sorry, but the Jesuits deep inside the belly of the Pentagon are calling the military shots. Mossad is a piker errand boy. There is no such thing as “foreign aid” to Israel. Israel is a flow-through slush fund that kicks back to the MIC. The Murkan taxpayer applauds.

“Your smears and slander against us no longer work.”

True, “their” smears and slander might not, although that is even a long shot. Murkans have been conditioned to enjoy being shat upon. They love their Holly Weird celebrities. But the smears and slander are not exactly limited to “them.” Witness original European New Right philosophy (not the Murkan self-serving bastardization) and this blog entry.

“We no longer seek your permission or your agreement.”

Of course not. And yet another ramshackle, Judas Goat march on some cheesy, suburban strip mall is after all a glorious march on the Feldherrnhalle.

“This is our new Declaration of Independence. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we remain Americans and we have the right of self-determination.”

Give it a break. Ramzpaul’s degree of plastic, Republican jingoism masquerading as racial consciousness a là belligerent dregs like Jason Todd Ready (May peace be upon him), Chris Blanc/Brett Stevens, and other assorted “White Nationalist” Intrawebz luminaries or upscale advocacy orgs like the A3P and the National Policy Institute is a nauseous hallucination. Murka-Firsters die hard. Their voices coalesce into a panicked screech within the mature discourse of Ethno Nationalism. This cumulative voice wanes; it has no place upon the contemporary political palette of ethno-racial politics as represented by Ethno Nationalism. It is proving to be extremely difficult to let go of the old whore, Murka.

The current New Murkan Century is nothing more than an extension of the British Colonial Empire carried through by the Crown Corporation. This is the Zionist Anglo-Murkan Empire in action, the triad of Rome-London-Washington. Ignorantly heralding its institutional continuance, a là Mr. Ramzpaul, is ethno-racial betrayal of all peoples. In other words, what little most Murkans understand of their true history is only accentuated by their unquestioning and docile patriotism, i.e. their conditioning, to an ideal that never was. They are, in effect, patriotards. The Zionist Military Industrial Complex plays useful idiots such as these like tiny, obedient fiddles. They salivate to blindly perform on behalf of the MIC.

Ramzpaul is obviously a smart, though politically naive, guy; he has much potential. However, potential and a buck will get him a cup of coffee at his favourite greasy spoon. On the continental NAmerikan playing field one can advocate for the spent industrial nation-state or one can advocate for the White Race in partnership with other ethno-racial stakeholders to pick up the post-collapse pieces towards the creation of secessionist ethno-states. It is not possible to advocate for both; advocating for both is not an option. Such is the opening of the historical era as called by Thomas W. Chittum and now complimented and pushed by the entry into a Post-Peak Oil world:

“America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew into a giant, and America will drown in blood. This is the spectre that is haunting America, the spectre of Civil War II, a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations.” – opening passage of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America

Energy devolution is the assassin of the modern age. Mad dogs on all sides will shoot each other down, cancel each other out, as mad dogs. An anticipated RaHoWa is now a Globalist asset, to be managed and coordinated accordingly. The first wave of Lumpen blood-letting will be fugly to the eventual benefit of its survivors. It is over. It is finished. The fat lady sings. Stick a fork in it. The Lumpenproles of all shades, as they always have been, will be left to fend, not very successfully, for themselves.

The Empire bleeds its last in a torrent of ecological degradation and financial chicanery. A very competent vulture capitalist is about to enter the White House as President to finish off the job. The mad and cornered dog that is Murka is the enemy. It really is its Jewish twin, The Great Satan. Until such time as Murkan “White Nationalists” denounce Murka in solidarity with the peoples of this fragile planet who have been and continue to be its bloodied victims, they are merely, blindly, and irrelevantly pissing into the wind.

Ramzpaul may very well be a fitting candidate to be a speech writer for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign which has intentionally embraced Murkan exceptionalism as a strategic gambit. Cough. He, unlike Mitt Romney, fails miserably however in a most basic understanding of human anatomy: It is not possible to resuscitate a cadaver. Ramzpaul’s “A New Declaration of Independence” is slotted into its proper historical context of null and reactionary wishful thinking. It has as little to do with contemporary historical and political developments on the NAmerikan continent as it does with faking solidarity with the Bloc Identitaire.

Secede to survive.

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