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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Facebook Slap On Wrist

Dear Facebook Friends/Renaissance Vanguard Members:

As of this afternoon I have been blocked from participating on Facebook for a week. I would imagine that I should be back next Friday. Here is the culprit that got me blocked.

Someone has taken the time to go through my picture folders and find some “offensive” material. This is one that I missed getting rid off after the most recent block. Obviously, we can’t have such “kiddie porn” floating around. I find it quite ironic, given the Facebook leniency towards a more inclusive and racially tolerant world. Some irony simply cuts two ways and there’s no getting around it. Hehe. Given things that are in play, if the “complaint” came from our glorious “Right” or “Left” is anyone’s guess.

I would ask the following: If anyone wishes to keep me updated with links that they think are important and/or of interest, please do so via comments to this post. I actually do rely greatly on Facebook news feeds to attempt to keep somewhat on top of what is going on during these fascinating times. Also, if anyone simply wishes to engage in general discussion, doing so via this post is optional.

This blog, as you can see, has been a sleeper for several months. This “down time” may well be a good opportunity to get it rolling once again. There may be a few posts during the course of the week.

Thanks for your attention. (And a big thanks to my proxy poster in Serbia.)


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