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The NAmerikan White Nationalist Movement as Race Traitors: The Great Delusion ©

The majority, though certainly not all, of NAmerikan White Nationalists are traitors to the White Race. The majority, though certainly not all, of NAmerikan White Nationalists are not White Secessionists. Therein lays the rub.

A clue to this seemingly contradictory claim is to be found in Harold A. Covington’s revolving maxim concerning White migration to the Northwest Republic, aka Cascadia: “It is the only realistic plan.” Allowing for relative limitations of Covington’s assertion[1], an explanation and clarification to the introductory claim are called for.

In this struggle for White Europid survival on the NAmerikan continent the objective is to win. In this game coming in second simply does not cut it. This is the primary objective: the survival of the White Race. What is not a primary objective and, it is argued, is not an objective at all, i.e. it is self-sabotage relative to the primary objective, is the attempt at retaining the legitimacy, salvation, and prolongation of the two industrial nation-states, Amerika and Kanada. The writing is on the wall. The socio-political and economic collapse that becomes more evident with each passing day is both systemically determined and Globalist engineered.

NAmerikan White Ethno Nationalists are confronted with a stark and life-encompassing choice. The choice is to politick on behalf of the White Race or to politick on behalf of the existing industrial nation-state. To politick on behalf of both is not an option. This is a black-white/yes-no/binary proposition; there is no safe ground of “in between.” This choice forces upon White leaders the terrible incentive to see clearly, to make decisions relative to those perceptions, and then to act accordingly.

Contained within these clear perceptions are the following sub-determinants:

  • Does one recognize the total and unconditional collapse of the Empire or does one recognize the reactionary political status quo?
  • Does one recognize the redundant legitimacy and virtues of the Globalist nation-state or does one recognize the hope to be found for White survival with new secessionist breakaways?
  • Does one directly and indirectly endorse the “Zionist occupied governments” of both the Amerikan and Kanadian federal states or does one take on and actually own an anti-Zionist/Globalist stance?

It becomes evident or, at the very least, should become evident, that there are two paths to pursue with the stated objective of securing the White lifeline on the NAmerikan continent. Some quick and simple deduction determines that not both paths lead towards success.

Relative to the stated position of the Renaissance Party of North America (RPN) and the argument put forth herein, all NAmerikan “White Nationalist” organizations and political parties indirectly endorse the betrayal of the White Race; they are reactionary and not, relative to current conditions, dynamics and opportunities, revolutionary; they recognize the political legitimacy of the Empire. In company with the RPN, the only exceptions at this time are:

  • The Northwest Front which advocates for a White homeland on the continental Centralwest (hard racialist)
  • The Western Block Party which advocates for the secession of the Kanadian western provinces (soft racialist)
  • A pending Novacadia Independence Party which will advocate for a White homeland on the continental Northeast (hard racialist) 

Secondary exceptions minus a stated racialist stance are:

  • The Québec Separatist Movement, as represented by the federal Bloc Québécois[2] and the provincial Parti Québécois
  • The Second Vermont Republic
  • The League of The South
  • The Alaska Independence Party
  • The Texas Nationalist Movement

As has been identified in the essay, Novacadia: White Nationalist Political and Geogrpahical Redoubt, the combination of both hard and soft White secessionist sentiment is now of such scale and momentum that it would in all likelihood carry political sway were a “Secessionist Congress” ever to be called.[3]

A beginning to the secessionist political infrastructure and alliance/federation as identified and called for by the RPN is latently now in place: As identified by the RPN’s Constitution:

The RPN further acknowledges that the transition to the Post-Peak Oil era will herald the implosion and demise of the industrial nation-state. This socio-economic implosion determines regional secessions-by-default on the North American continent, and the consequent and parallel empowerment of the North American Secessionist Movement. The collapse of the institutional infrastructure will be a consequence of the collapse of the energy infrastructure.

The collapse/devolution/fragmentation of Amerika, and in its wake, Kanada, is a given. This collapse was theoretically identified as early as 1957 by the secessionist classic The Breakdown of Nations[4], expanded on concretely in 1992 by Thomas C. Chittum[5], has been addressed numerous times by the mainstream media, most notably and recently by the attention given to the Russian geo-theorist, Dr. Igor Panarin[6], has been politically institutionalized by The Middlebury Institute and other secessionist organizations and parties, and has been eloquently expanded on from a real New Right perspective by Michael O’Meara.[7] Lastly, the dismantling and neutering of the industrial nation-state is part of the Globalist agenda towards one-world governance.

As of January, 2010 the inevitability of continental secessions has been officially incorporated into the Constitution of the RPN. The secessionist movement actually runs in parallel with the Globalist agenda, but with drastically different motives towards drastically different objectives.[8] For NAmerikan White Nationalists the political ownership of White secession is the revolutionary fork in the road, albeit also the road less traveled. The popular and safe route is the reactionary route of Empire adulation and legitimacy. It is also blindly the route of White betrayal.

This reactionary tendency in the White Nationalist community is most professionally exhibited by the American Third Position and most “unprofessionally” exhibited by the American National Socialist Movement. Between these two extremes of blind and blinder strategic forecasting are upstanding organizations such as American Renaissance, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and such minor New Right poseurs as Counter-Currents Publishing, Alternative Right, and Youth for Western Civilization, the latter being the most notorious for confusing crass Amerikan jingoism and exceptionalism for Occidental nobility.[9]

The scenarios for a “balkanized” NAmerika are now numerous. They range from a continuous and unbroken front consisting of only three racial/ethnic polities of White, Mexican and Negro (Chittum) to the projection of 16 independent nations as proposed by the Renaissance Vanguard International (RVI). Contrary to the Chittum model, the RVI’s model consists of many racial/ethnic polities, Native inclusive, which Chittum ignores/oversees altogether. The two models, and the many others like it, differ only in degree, not type. No one knows with any certainty how collapse of the industrial nation-state will eventually play out. The political and racial/ethnic given is that it will play out, and not pleasantly.

Unknown to Chittum at the time of his writing is the very serious threat of the northern multicult/immigration pincer stemming from Kanada. The signals for this initiative are clear for insider, Globalist political operatives, yet still cloaked for the Kanadian public at large.[10]

It is imperative for NAmerikan White Ethno Nationalists to counter this northern pincer with a serious and highly coordinated, continental secessionist movement. If it is not countered, the White mass will find itself “kettled” between and inside a racial/ethnic vice of northern and southern racial and ethnic pincers. If not countered, these two doors will slam shut on the future of the White Race on the NAmerikan continent by century’s end. As is strongly argued in this essay, any endorsement of the existing, two Globalist nation-states merely allows for and plays into this pincer threat, the northern and southern genocidal daggers through the heart of the continental White Race.

The political challenges to address this showdown are monumental. An admission that the Amerikan Empire is dead must be made. An admission that White secessionist homelands are not only possible, but that they are the only guarantee to safeguard the White Race on the NAmerikan continent must be made. Lastly and paradoxically enough, in order to successfully counter the Globalist threat of White genocide, an admission must be made by White secessionist revolutionaries (as opposed to reactionaries) that political alliances to dismantle the suffocating nation-state are very likely pending with groups such as Nation of Islam, the Lakota Nation and La Raza. Vesica Piscis beckons. The carving up of the nation-state carcass is a shared responsibility.

If there is one message that needs to be hammered home to NAmerikan White Ethno Nationalists over and over again it is this: endorsement of any kind, indirectly or directly, of the incumbent nation-states of Amerika and Kanada contributes in equal and direct proportion towards the betrayal and eventual defeat of White Europids on the NAmerikan continent. Efforts to “save” the nation-state sabotage any and all efforts to save the White Race. This is the fork in the road; this is the choice that must be looked at; this is the brutal and stark decision that must be weighed and made.

“New nation” means exactly that; it does not mean “all over again” in a different geographical locale. Empire and related ideology/ontology die as naturally as they subjugate. It is not possible to resuscitate a cadaver. The political effort of White Nationalists to attempt to do so is folly and a useless waste of valuable time and resources bordering not only on the delusional, but on the traitorous, which is criminal.

It was worse than a crime; it was a mistake. – Talleyrand

Once NAmerikan White Nationalists appreciate the dire reality of Talleyrand’s dictum, then will they have arrived at a place of political maturity to finally undertake what, for the time being, they merely purport to undertake. Each day lost is a loss for White survival and a Globalist victory. Each day that the industrial nation-state is rendered its legitimacy is a day lost. Each day lost is one day less of White existence upon the NAmerikan continent.

It is a binary world. One is either in or one is out. One makes a decision, and the pieces and consequences fall where they will.

[1] The Northwest Front’s position of only one White homeland on the NAmerikan continent has limitations. Not the least of these is that the entire federal structure is about to collapse pointing at numerous possibilities for new ethno-states.

[2] The continental secessionist political blueprint for the creation of the Renaissance Party of North America has been in place for 21 years. See the relationship of the Kanadian federal secessionist Bloc Québécois to the provincial secessionist Parti Québécois.

[3] A North Amerikan Secessionist Conference, as managed by The Middlebury Institute, has not been convened since the third such conference held in 2008.

[4] Leoplod Kohr, The Breakdown of Nations, (E.P. Dutton, 1978)

[5] Thomas C. Chittum, Civil War II, (pdf format available online)

[6] Panarin’s hypothesis for the breakup of Amerika caused enough of a stir to receive feature attention on a televised Glenn Beck episode.

[7] Michael O’Meara, Toward the White Republic, TOQ Essay Winner 2009 (Theme also expanded into book format.)

[8] “By making the dual-claim of global population depletion and regional secession, one runs the risk of being stroked as a Bilderberg stooge. After all, the purported New World Order supposedly champions both of these events as part of its mandate: firstly, population depletion to ensure the dwindling supplies of natural resources, in particular fossil fuels, for the benefit of an elite and chosen few, and; secondly, the undermining and eventual gutting of the world’s nation states in order to channel a future world government through the bureaucratic and militaristic global structure of the United Nations.

“In order to pre-empt any such accusation, the following can simply be stated: a conscious, conspiratorial, eugenic effort to “cull” global population by unleashing an economic catastrophe, a nuclear Third World War, a designer pandemic virus, or a combination of all three, is light years removed from an ecological and systemic “purge” and correction, short of a complete die-off, by the natural carrying capacity of the planet, no matter how horrific such a correction stands to be. “Furthermore, nation state devolution is a single event seen either as precursor to global domination by the advocates of a New World Order or as the re-invention of geopolitical institutions to further human survival and social evolution by secessionists. “Again, to highlight the current historical contradiction, an alleged one-world government is diametrically opposed to hundreds of small, autonomous nations, although both global constructs require and envision the dissolution of the large industrial nation state in order to succeed. This contradiction cannot be stated emphatically enough. The pending crisis entails a showdown of worldviews with the large industrial nation state caught in the middle and cast in the role of historical albatross for both competing tendencies.” See: Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession, Paper delivered at the Third North American Secessionist Conference, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2008.

[9]Within its psychotic rot and decadence has Amerika finally become such a spiritual and cultural freak/whore as to no longer qualify as being part of the Occident? This is a question for real White New Rightists and secessionists, as opposed to pseudo wannabes, to ponder carefully. If such is the case, then it may be that new White breakaways will warrant a re-entry to the Occident as it re-invents itself during this tumultuous and decisive century.

[10] Canada – Population 100 Million, by Irvin Studin, Global Brief

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