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Guest Post: A Single, Great Mutation, by Sean Verster, RVI South Africa Representative ©

(The latent metaphysics of a Post-Peak Oil world lie largely untapped and uncharted. Death is birth, this much is certain. Sean Verster, the RVI’s South Africa Representative, with his essay, A Single, Great Mutation, takes a significant step towards the charting of this Post-Peak Oil spiritual, racial and cultural terrain. This essay also appears on the RVI’s blog.)

It is interesting how instinct leads the way and intellect and knowledge merely fill the gap. As a child I already despised certain types of people and certain types of behaviour, but could not put my finger on why. I have always questioned the “Me, me, me” mentality, but also could not fathom why. Over the years I have found many pieces to that puzzle, but still something was missing. Peak Oil is providing that piece of the puzzle.

The discovery and use of oil has been but a mere blip on the arse of history, but it has been an explosion unlike any other. The transition to the Industrial Era was a sudden availability of unprecedented energy and therefore potential abundance. With this the opportunity was presented to mankind to fix or create so many things that take us to a much fuller potential. But what did we do with the opportunity? We squandered it. And on what? On freeing the lower self. The modern, self-centered, self-righteous, soft, weak, over entertained, over consumed liberal is a product of over abundance and it is this that I despised as a child.

The type of man that a world of abundance produces is a spoiled brat. Struggle brings out our finest qualities and the moment it is removed, it is like removing the chains from the Eidolon that we must keep under control within ourselves at all cost. I have come to realize that the very last thing this planet needs is free energy or an abundance of food and money for everyone. Like many people who once embarked on a spiritual path, I too fell for the idea that if we just managed things right or infused it with the right consciousness, there would be an abundance for all on this planet. However, now I see that this misses the point completely and is merely another form of Bolshevism and a stupid and unrealistic pipe dream that can only cause more harm and cruelty than good.

What exactly has an abundance of cheap, readily available energy brought mankind? First of all, it has allowed billions of surplus humans to come into being who otherwise would never have made it into this world and who now are doomed to a life of suffering and misery. It has removed the filters that ensure human quality as opposed to quantity. On the other hand it has allowed industries to rise to places of prominence which are completely illusory and its pretenders to become gods as is the case with entertainment and the movie industry. An industry where pathetic pretenders can influence millions of minds and who usually, through their own abundance, have lost all control of their lower self and project that onto consciousness of society as a laser sight on a target. All the worst sorts of characters that have appeared throughout history and all the worst human qualities which were usually held to some degree in check have been amplified and magnified a million-fold so that today mankind appears as nothing but a caricature and a distillation of all that is sick, perverted, base and ill-constituted in man.

Through a glut of energy which could have been used so constructively and so wisely, we have created a very real and very physical Hell on earth. The French Revolution coupled with the Industrial Revolution translated into a recipe for disaster. Yet I am not a Gnostic and I am not of the opinion that the lower self must be crucified and killed, and if there is one thing that the industrial nation-state has gifted us with it is, ironically, the gift of having allowed us to explore our lower selves to the full. Only through experiencing something can we fully come to terms with it and integrate it into self. It has been like a drug which can either destroy one or break down the barriers that needed to be broken down in order embark on that journey which leads to a fuller and more whole appreciation of self.

Since the disastrous advent of Monotheism we have existed in a false duality in which the one aspect of our paradigm has had to be suppressed and crucified without ever truly understanding and integrating it. This aspect has been our animal self or our lower self. But it is only the fool who thinks that good minus evil is good. To crucify the lower or animal self is to deny the very well spring from which we flow and this is exactly what has been wrong with the idea of civilisation. It has created human beings so civilized that they are incapable of living in an organic world; people so spiritually minded that they are of no earthly good. The beast, the lower self or the savage in us is our ally. It is part of us as a father to a son and it is in times of need that it must be brought to the fore and in order to bring it to the fore, we must be in close communication with it. When one’s life is threatened, it is this animal that saves it and when we make love, it is once again this beast which savours it and acts it out. The history of monotheistic civilization has been the history of the persecution and destruction of this aspect of the human experience. Nothing in itself is evil; only that which is out of place is. It does stand to reason that after thousands of years of stupid, narrow-minded and bigoted oppression of the lower self, the moment those chains were thrown off via the French Revolution and then the Industrial, it reacted as any pendulum would which has been swung too far in one direction. It swung too far in the other.

But what dawns now is the single greatest and most important era in human history. Struggle is returning and with it illusions will crumble and only that which is truly real will endure. How many gadgets and trinkets we own will not be of any import to us. The strength of the blood in our veins, the fertility of our soil and the purity of our water and air shall once again become our gods. We have journeyed as a species from right brain to left brain, from lower self to higher self, from animal to man. In each of these journeys we have foolishly attacked, oppressed and enslaved the soil out of which we have grown and as a consequence, we have experienced unnecessary war, oppression, slavery and tyranny because at the heart of it all, we are all little tyrants.

We stand now on the precipice of the single greatest mutation in the evolution of humanity which shall act as the judge of who perishes and who survives to carry this consciousness into the future and onto the next rung on the ladder of the struggle that is life. That quality is intuition and it is the combining of left and right brain, of higher and lower self, of light and dark, and good and evil. It is the Vesica Piscis of all that was and all that ever shall be from here on in. Before it all lies, deceptions, tricks and illusions shall shrink and melt as mist before the morning sun because it is a radical inner honesty or integrity in itself, and an honesty that extreme struggle will force us into accepting in the very near future.

The Renaissance Vanguard International thus stands light years ahead of any other ideology with its political identity of National Synergy. It is the synergy between the various aspects of man and his environment that is precisely what is required and what shall be forced upon us by nature in order to survive and truly live. No longer will we be afforded the luxury of denying aspects of ourselves and our environment. Without that luxury we shall find ourselves face to face with ourselves minus the silver screen. At this point we will recollect our childhood both as individuals and as a species and realize that instinct and intuition have always been there to begin with. We have simply kept these human attributes suppressed.

It is ironic that the political Left has always called for more integration without ever understanding just what that term actually means, whilst the Right has always opposed it without ever truly understanding exactly what it has been that they opposed. Integrity is the root meaning of integrate and, as such, is the antithesis of the mixing that the Left preaches, for how can one mix the races and nations and still maintain their racial or national integrity? It is a contradiction in terms. Conversely, how can we oppose the integration of various aspects of what and whom we are and still maintain integrity, for denial is anything but honesty?

As National Synergists, we have created a new identity based on a completely new consciousness. In order for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, those parts can only be spiritually, racially and culturally combined, and not mixed. It is this which is the true meaning of human integrity.

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