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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Copy of Email Sent to The Coca-Cola Company re Fake Sprite TV Commercial

Attn:        Dominique Reiniche, President, Europe Group, The Coca-Cola Company

                John C. Reid, Vice-President of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Coca-Cola Company

Dear Madame and Sir:

I bring to your attention a matter of the utmost public relations urgency as effects The Coca-Cola Company, and one that you may already be aware of.

I refer, of course, to the video filth that is on the verge of going viral on YouTube of a young White woman performing fellatio on a Negro man under the guise of a Sprite commercial that is airing on German TV. The YouTube url is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwz5_xXZc4g&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fresults%3Fsearch_query%3Dsprite%2Bcommercial%2Bon%2Bgerman%2Btv%26aq%3Df&has_verified=1

Personally, I have never before witnessed such a horrid display of misogyny masquerading as a legitimate television commercial. I would think that one would have to dig deeply in Internet porn sites to come up with something of equal social and cultural disgust. That the good, corporate name of The Coca-Cola Company has been dragged into this sordid adventure merely escalates the seriousness of it.

Even though it has now been revealed that the video is a hoax seemingly stemming from a young rogue at MTV, this has required significant digging that not all members of the pubic are likely to take the time to do. The average member of the public, I would think, will be left with the unmistakable impression that this is a legitimate television commercial that has been signed off on by The Coca-Cola Company.

May we expect an immediate and widely-disseminated public dismissal of this video to relieve the public of any false impressions? I would think that this matter qualifies for a swift and unconditional official response from The Coca-Cola Company.


Sebastian Ernst Ronin

Chairman, Renaissance Vanguard International

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