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NAmerikan National Anarchist Movement Goes Up In Smoke

So the great day has arrived. Andrew White (aka “Yeoman”), the spokesperson for the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA) will be lighting a match to a Quran on April 22nd in a bold show of solidarity with that beacon of White integrity, the evangelical firebrand, Pastor Terry Jones.

Mr. White is on Facebook record as holding a political obligation and responsibility no less than, “I’ve got a nation to defend.” Indeed, these are heady times. Muslim Sharia Law penetrates one jurisdiction after another. It is time for white “warlords” to step up to the plate and be counted.

Alas, Mr. White will be henceforth defending a nation in the first person singular. Troy Southgate, the English founder of the National Anarchist Movement (N-AM) has pulled the plug on his support for BANA, or at the very least, for BANA’s interpretation of National Anarchism. Writes Mr. Southgate: “The National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) wishes to disassociate itself from the recent decision by the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA) to stage a ‘Burn the Koran’ event on 22nd April 2011. Not only is this tactic extremely counter-productive, it also runs contrary to the free-thinking ethos of National-Anarchism itself.”

Mr. Southgate pulls up short by “disassociating” from the BANA “decision” only and not completely from BANA itself. But in the world of political signals and nuance, this signal speaks volumes and speaks for itself.

The historical and globalist roots of Muslim immigration to Amerika are not in question here. What is seriously being questioned is the propaganda merit of this stunt, especially as it pertains to the NAmerikan White Nationalist movement.

As a purported White Nationalist group, with this burning of a Quran, BANA now steps into a public relations and propaganda catastrophe of untold dimension for NAmerikan White Nationalists. As was the case with BANA’s saber-rattling last summer around the release of the movie Machete, the Russian broadcaster Russia Today may likely seek an interview with Mr. White. In some circles this will be seen as a great propaganda coup, ignorant of the fact that Russia Today always frames Amerika at its heights of buffoonery or at its lows of socio-political collapse. Mr. White’s antics, it should be obvious, fall under the category of the former.

Mr. White simply shows an unparalleled ignorance of political optics, be it in how he presents himself as a “leader” or how he presents BANA. He is incapable of distinguishing between information asset and liability. It would seem that his long-range vision does not extend beyond his own vanity. He cannot comprehend the damage that he inflicts on the White Nationalist movement, nor on the degree and scope of this damage.

As early as June 3, 2010, the Renaissance Party of North America (RPN) requested its two National Anarchist Officers at the time, Christopher Donnellan (aka Criostoir O’Domhnallain) and Keith Preston, to distance themselves from BANA. The request was met with blind indignation, unsubstantiated and hallucinatory outcries of “Nazi” preponderance within the RPN, and accompanying resignations. Mr. White joined the fray shortly afterwards with like shrieks of “Nazi.” (It would seem that these types of anti-white, knee-jerk histrionics are not limited to liberals.)  Word has it that Mr. Donnellan has left BANA over the intended Quran burning. Mr. Preston’s website, at time of writing, is silent on the matter.

In early September, 2010, the RPN encountered another Officer resignation of a BANA sympathizer, Letty Baldacchino. She, in turn, absconded with the RPN url and website, while casting in her path libelous and ignorant accusations, i.e. “ignorant” of RPN history and democratic process. That she was not acting on her own would seem to have been supported by her conduct.

As early as October, 2010, Mr. Southgate was encouraged by close confidantes of his to cut bait from BANA, that nothing good could come from his continued support. He dithered. And now he has the consequences of his non-action to deal with. One of those consequences could very easily be the end of the National Anarchist experiment on NAmerikan turf.

Mr. White is, of course, free to conduct himself as he chooses. But there are greater stakes in play here than just a simple act of errant political myopia. There are countless others whose reputations are at stake.

All who are affiliated with BANA will take a hit from Mr. White’s shortsighted and selfish action. Any White Nationalist organization and/or individual who has not yet denounced BANA or removed Mr. White from their stable of writers is implicated. The political principle is simple: Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are.

By the end of the day on April 22, 2011, the NAmerikan White Nationalist movement will likely have received yet another black eye from which it will have to struggle to recover. The lesson and maxim of doing the same type of cowboy behaviour over and over again while expecting different outcomes does not sink in and is lost. Minus a coordinated and organized political direction and discipline, “progress” will always be the same: one step forward, and one thousand fractured light years back.

And herein lays the greater propaganda set-back and deficiency of Mr. White’s actions. The NAmerikan White Nationalist movement will not only be portrayed as book-burning fanatics allied with the likes of the White Trash minister, the Pastor Jones; it will be falsely portrayed as juvenile and “hate filled”, the very labels that the movement is constantly struggling to negate.

Put simply, Mr. White quite willingly and ignorantly walks into the machinations of the Jew-controlled media. The burning of the Quran is a gift for their spin on the NAmerikan White Nationalist movement. For our enemies, this is shooting fish in a barrel; it is the taking of candy from a baby. This type of political judgment as shown by Mr. White is not only unacceptable; it is suicidal. With friends like Mr. White, the White Nationalist movement hardly needs enemies.

The pieces will fall where they will. The RPN is vindicated. We sleep comfortably inside our skins.

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6 thoughts on “NAmerikan National Anarchist Movement Goes Up In Smoke

  1. Ciaran on said:

    Precis and succint assessment. Sad, but very true.

    • ANTON on said:


  2. It is inaccurate to accuse me of dithering on this issue, I’m a very patient man and have been more than aware of Yeoman’s childish antics for around two years now. Up until recently, however, I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt and hoped – in vain, as it turned out – that he would eventually calm down and display at least a semblance of political maturity. This is why the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) was established in the first place, to put things back on track and distance National-Anarchism from BANA’s pseudo-anarchism. I therefore invited Yeoman to join the new setup and make a fresh start with our new political blueprint in mind, but again, he has made a fool of himself and I acted accordingly. I also kept my revelations about Yeoman in reserve for some time, in order to protect those who were still in the process of distancing themselves from him. My actions, therefore, were not based on indeciseness or naivity, they were calculated. Sometimes you just have to ride things out and exercise a bit of patience. Indeed, give people enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  3. Kevin McDonald Luvr on said:

    I think it’s ok to do the Koran burning. There is nothing anyone can ever do to make the White Nationalist movement look good. The White Nationalist movement is already seen as entirely pathetic and hopeless (it’s not really a ‘movement’ in any true sense of the term’)…so for you goons any sort of attention should be welcomed. It’s like the Muslim terrorists, they don’t care how much their attacks hurt or fuck things up, they just need press coverage, attention. Same with you White Nationalist goons

    • Khrys Hicks on said:

      Kevin Macdonald luvr.

      You are obviously one of those who cannot help misconcieving National Anarchism with any kind of ‘Nationalism’. The N-AM is opposed to the unnatural, man-made confines and state/National borders seperating Europe and other areas of Indo-European home and heritage, including India, Iran, Eastern Europe etc… There for, it would be contradictory for the N-AM to uphold any form of Nationalsim in its idealogy. The N-AM wishes decentralization, and believes in the natural form of social living- the community. Neither does the N-AM in any way condone any form of superiority amongst race, culture or heritage. We believe EVERYONE has a right to live in their own homogeneous societies, where ever that may be.
      Now you should understand a little bit more, and that we do not fit the apparent critirea for your ‘Goonism.’


  4. Jew-controlled media. on said:

    This is the spokesman of the Jew-controlled media, and I just want to say that Seba Ronin is a worthless schmuck, a total schlemele. Somebody needs to spank his toochis.

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