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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

The Triskis

by Sean Verster, RPN South Africa Liaison

This symbol is based by and large on the relationship between the pyramid or Holy Trinty or Logos or The Word and the Vesica Piscis. I have used the principle of the Vesica Piscis here to overlap the two symbols and show them as one and the same. A new duality if you will, or a new political construct. I decided on a design which comprises three Vesica Piscis symbols in a triangular shape and which is also symbolic and reminiscent of the Triskillian, a symbol which was originally used as a marker of the nine month human gestation period in accordance with three full Venusian cycles. The undertone of the RPN and this symbol, as far as I’m concerned, is the concept of birth or re-birth, hence the Rennaissance Party. The Vesica Piscis itself is also symbolic of birth as it is the symbol of one cell dividing into two. There are, in fact, nebulae in space that look exactly like this and which provide us with staggering insight into the birth of a galaxy.

At the point where the three pisces meet in my design, I have included a square with a Saint Andrew’s cross in the middle. This symbolizes quad or fourth dimensional thought which is the product of understanding of the Logos and is the base of the pyramid. This understanding is also known as the Third Eye, thus the three Vesica Piscis designs, all of which are also symbolic of the shape of the human eye. The Saint Andrew’s cross cuts through the square in such a manner as to make four white triangles, once again symbolizing fourth dimensional thinking. It is important to understand here why previous political and religious symbols were so powerful and why they were used. As example, If one looks at four arms symbolizing the four primary forces of the universe, then this represents fourth dimensional thinking which is the product of a third political mandate, or dialectic, if you will.

You will notice also, that there is a slight off balanced feel to the whole design while still maintaining its symmetry. This is the emblem’s magic as far as I’m concerned. In order for the whole design to come together, it simply demanded that I make the centre slightly off and this in itself symbolizes the eternal truth that the balancing point of any object, design, concept or phenomenon is never in the middle. There is no equality. The point of all balance is always 60/40 or 70/30 but never 50/50. No celestial body orbits in a circle. It is always elliptical. This will have an almost irritating effect on the eye as the prevailing dogma regarding balance is that it automatically requires equality. This is a myth that must be smashed. The off balance of the symbol will also ensure that it embeds itself into the subconscious as a question to be answered and thus will demand that the viewer embark on a mental journey which is the entire purpose of symbolism. In advertising this principle is also used but in a much more degenerate manner where they create an advertisement so ugly and so bad that you have no choice but to remember it.

Furthermore, you will see that I have incorporated two circles into the design. These represent the twin universes of spirit and matter or relativist physics and Quantum Physics. The black circle represents the unconscious or spirit universe or Black Sun from which all things are born, the womb of the Universe, if you will. At this point I should probably point out that I have placed the Saint Andrew’s cross at the off centre of this circle and this point rules the entire design. The red outer circle represents the universe of matter or the holy blood of our race. It is the Son while the black circle is the Father. And when you grasp the relationship between these two, your new perspective will reveal to you that there is, in fact, a third circle of white. This is the Holy Spirit and it is here where we exist as human beings and as members of our race, symbolized by the White Ring. It is also a solar disk and will therefore speak loudly to the Nordic element of our people who have always lived in reverence of the sun. As I realize that a substantial portion of our members are Christian, this symbol can be understood also from a Christian mystical perspective and hopefully attract the best elements from the Christian camp and repel the garden type variety whilst doing the same for the non Christian element.

At this point I should probably explain why I chose the Saint Andrew’s cross and not the conventional St Georges. The Saint Andrews Cross travelled to England from Sumeria when it was once ruled by the first Nordic builders of civilization under the great golden haired king, who among his many titles was known as the Lord of the deer or In-Dara. This deer or goat identity has come to us today to be remembered by the term Goth, a Roman name given these people but who actually referred to themselves as the Mur Guti, a title from which we, in modern English, have derived the words, good, goat and god. The St Andrews cross is thus, in my view the perfect symbol for Aryan Divinity. Perhaps this is why it was used in the old Stars ‘n Bars of the Confederacy.

On the political plain, this symbol epitomizes the purpose of the party, which is to unite the Peak Oil demographic, the Seccessionist demographic and the Ethno Nationalist demographic. The pyramid is tilted to the right like an arrowhead symbolizing growth, progress and movement. The colours of red, black and white have been chosen because this is the oldest sacred combination of colour used by our people and thus has a powerful effect on our subconscious racial loyalty while scaring or repelling the enemies of our people and the weaklings amongst our own. The red circle and triangle once again re-enforces the whole alchemy between the eternal circle of spirit and the pyramidal word or matter.

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