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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

RPN Mission Statement

We, the members of the Renaissance Party of North America (RPN), proclaim the following principles and guidelines for political analysis and conduct to be true and achievable over the course of the current century.

We acknowledge that the major socio-political driver on the North American continent during the 21st century will be the entry onto the energy depletion slope of the Post-Peak Oil era, bringing with it the institutional collapse of Industrial Civilization. The transition to the Post-Peak Oil era will herald the implosion of the industrial nation-state, i.e. secession-by-default, and the consequent and parallel empowerment of the North American Secessionist Movement. The collapse of the institutional infrastructure will be a consequence of the collapse of the physical, i.e. energy, infrastructure. Socio-political collapse will usher in the rise of the North American Ethno Nationalist Movement as the historically positioned and privileged social demographic to initiate, develop and carry the North American Secessionist Movement. The Ethno Nationalist Movement, unto itself, is not a driver; it is the preordained social agent to oversee the dismantling of the two historically redundant industrial nation-states, the United States of America and Canada.

Without the Götterdämmerung of a Post-Peak Oil world, the odds of The Occident surviving are negligible. A Post-Peak Oil world is our friend. Race takes a secondary and dependent seat to the scientific Laws of Thermodynamics. The socio-political dictates of entropy, not those of racial determination, rule. The latter must adapt to the former. Every historical driver requires a social agent; every social agent requires an historical driver. The two are inter-dependent. Each requires each.

We do not call for the overthrow of the American and Canadian governments. We do call for the perception and recognition of the innate and entropic collapse of these states. We encounter an inverted and fractured Manifest Destiny. Globalization is dead; it has encountered the maximum perimeter of energy utilization. The collateral of cheap and abundant energy resources to kick-start the globalist economy is no longer. We enter an historical era of socio-economic collapse, implosion, fragmentation and devolution. Racial demographics will be called upon to identify, carve out and, preferably to negotiate, new homelands and polities. If one drop of blood can be spared, the effort at negotiated geographical re-inventions is justified.

We acknowledge that Canada is an economic, cultural and energy colony of the United States and has been such since the end of the Second World War when it shifted from the British orbit to the American. As a last-gasp effort of globalist centralization and control, we fully anticipate the visible effort to launch North American Union and the related common currency, the Amero, prior to 2012. We hold that this effort will be a secessionist trigger, a clarion call and, coupled with the energy crisis of a Post-Peak Oil world, the opening of our narrow widow of political opportunity, circa 2010 – circa 2030.

As the proposed Federal partner and ally of regional secessionist parties and movements in both the U.S and Canada, the final goal of the RPN is to witness its own dissolution at no later the end of the current century. It is strongly suggested that this objective be written into the Party’s Constitution.

We consider ourselves to be in political alliance with the individuals and organizations that comprise in part the Ethno Nationalist Movement, the North American Secessionist Movement, the North American New Right Movement, Third Positionists, Syncreticists, Archeofuturists, Earth-Firsters and Linkolaians. The Peak Oil Movement, unto itself, has no dedicated political philosophy and must of necessity be folded into and under the latter. The Syncretic political position is likely best suited to entertain the proposed, encouraged and necessary merger, synthesis and gathering. Without yet knowing the specifics of such a post-modern political cosmos, we consider ourselves to be part of a fabric that interweaves Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative and Post-Green.

We endorse unconditionally a return to local and regionally-based economies, with a premium on independence, self-sufficiency, merit, small-scale and diversity rather than corporate-based control and monoculture. We acknowledge the devolution of the present system of transnational corporatism towards an agrarian economy supported by scaled-down secondary industry. The tertiary service tier will devolve to a realistic scale with realistic inherent values. This economy, and related social institutions, we foresee to be organized along Communitarian, Distributist and Syndicalist lines, with non-fiat finance, family farms, small and medium-sized businesses, joint partnerships, and co-ops as the economic corner stones and foundation.

We call for an abrupt end to globalist-endorsed mass immigration from non-Occidental countries to North America with the quest for cheap labour, the offsetting of the White birth rate, and the political displacement of the White demographic. We are in full and unconditional solidarity with our European brothers and sisters to halt and reverse the Islamization of the European Continent and Great Britain. We endorse unconditionally on our shores the elimination of the anti-Occidental, state-sanctioned and traitorous ideologies of institutionalized, legally enshrined and enforced Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and Feminism.

We champion a system of internal improvements, public works projects and universal health care for all citizens, and a social safety net to mitigate Post-Peak Oil mass unemployment, poverty and homelessness. Economic drivers will be focused on needs rather than on desires. We will do with less and live within our means because we will have no other choice.

We call for strict, yet sensible, environmental protections and ecological stewardship. We also recognize that on a global scale, the human race has likely breached the ecological tipping-point. Green political philosophy is a liberal redundancy and a false comfort, and has been, in general, captured by globalist interests and agenda.

We endorse moderate, socially-conservative positions on most moral and social issues. We believe heterosexual marriage and a stable family unit are the bedrock of any healthy society while recognizing the civic rights of alternative gender identities and sexual lifestyles. We maintain that heterosexual matrimony is “holy” due to the ability of a man and a woman to spark the creation of life, to reproduce, to further the genetic line.

We defend the Occidental philosophical championing and defense of the individual over the collectivist swarming of the Islamic Ummah. We insist on the complete and unconditional separation of Church and State. We will not condemn the antiquated superstitions and imbedded prejudices of one Abrahamic religion only to commend those of another. The legitimacy and introduction of Shari’a theocracy is not on the table no more and no less than is that of a Christian theocracy. Our symbols and mythologies stem from our Occidental cultural past and not from the religious past.

We highly anticipate a globalist agenda of White political displacement encroaching upon possible genocide. Such globalist agenda is in anticipation of a Post-Peak Oil, energy-starved world and related socio-political strife and competition for acutely scarce resources. For the globalist/NWO cabal of finance capital to retain its precarious hold on global institutions, the creation of a culturally-stunted and servile populace is a necessity and top priority. The Occidental heritage and spirit, as encompassed by the North American middle class, is the last check on this globalist mandate. Given our current state of spiritual and cultural decadence, the cabalists are succeeding, and will succeed. We currently find ourselves empty of power and, as such, are incapable of envisioning, managing and shaping our destiny.

We acknowledge as true that history is not linear, that it is cyclical.

We own unconditionally the spiritual and moral responsibilities that are bestowed upon a Warrior-Amazon political elite to assertively, yet humbly, agitate and educate with clarity, integrity and common sense. We offer a new perception of social, cultural and economic phenomena. This is a great challenge and an even greater calling. At all times, each RPN member should take into consideration: I am responsible.

We fully recognize that this will be a century of unimaginable hardship, challenge and transition. We temper these convictions with a further belief that we shall come out the other side of this transition stage better, stronger and wiser for having passed over the surface of this historical anvil and for being restored to a degree of civilizational, cultural and racial integrity and sanity for all races. For however one may understand the God of their choice at work in their lives, may God’s speed be with us all. We shall need it.

DISCLAIMER: Please note: The RPN is not racist, sexist, or in any way a “hate group”. This group does not condone any of the aforementioned, nor do we condone violence of any kind.

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