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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Ethno Nationalist Secession-by-Default: Post-Peak Oil Devolution of the Industrial Nation-State ©

(Note: A slightly edited version of this article for a British audience appeared in the Civil Liberty blog. H/T Kevin Scott.)



A new Ethno Nationalist political party is about to make its appearance upon the North American political stage. It is the Renaissance Party of North America. The long-range intent of the RPN is to field federal parties in both Canada and the United States under a common banner and common constitution while adopting policy positions to reflect the two differing national and political cultures. The RPN’s mission is to remain shared, generic and general while relative policy positions will be specific.

Notice has been given to Elections Canada by the founding Officers of the RPN (Canada) of intent seek registration status. Should a fall election in Canada not be called, as is highly anticipated, then the RPN (Canada) stands a good chance of fielding a handful of candidates should a general election be called or the governing minority Conservatives be defeated on their budget in the spring of 2011. The founding of the RPN (USA) is tentatively slated for 2011.

The political philosophy of the RPN revolves around the acknowledgement of three pillars: 1. the global entry onto the descent curve of the Post-Peak Oil era; 2. the resultant fragmentation, i.e. secessions, of the large industrial nation-state; 3. the recognition that the social demographic to carry this revolution will be an economically gutted North American middle, i.e. predominantly White, class.

The proposed role of the RPN will be to act as the voice and political representative at the federal levels for Ethno Nationalist secessionists. As such, it will be the junior partner to autonomous regional secessionist movements and parties. The secessionist initiative must come from, and be a political reflection of, the grassroots. However, the necessary legislation to wind down the industrial nation-state must come from the federal levels of jurisdiction in both Canada and the United States.

The RPN will politick with both pull and push strategies. The timeline for accomplishing the “winding down” of these two spent social institutions is the current century.


The Global Entry onto the Descent Curve of the Post-Peak Oil Era

RPN (Canada) Constitution Preamble: “The Renaissance Party of North America (RPN) acknowledges that the major socio-political driver on the North American continent during the 21st century will be the entry onto the energy depletion slope of the Post-Peak Oil era. The collapse of Industrial Civilization is global in scope and magnitude. Attempting to halt or neutralize such socio-political devolution via reformist methods is a ludicrous impossibility.”

The advent of Peak Oil is concrete and inevitable. All fossil fuels are finite in nature. Not the controlled media spin put out by cornucopian economists and politicians, nor the abiotic theory of unlimited oil supply, nor the naiveté and public deceptions of Green parties, can avert this fate. Peak Oil is a bullet that cannot be dodged.

The geological collateral of a cheap and abundant energy supply that has bankrolled the progress and unlimited growth of industrial civilization is half gone and cannot be replaced. Two trillion barrels of oil endowed by nature, minus one trillion barrels used over the course of the industrial era equals one trillion barrels left in the ground. This is a geological and physical reality.

The pioneer geologists and advocates of Peak Oil carry no ulterior political motive, e.g. New World Order, Illuminati, Zionist conspiracy, etc. A geological fact is a geological fact, pure and simple.

The problem of diminishing oil supply is compounded by growing demand, i.e. global population growth. The “limits to growth” model that has been relatively common knowledge for well over 30 years finally erupts into ecological, social, and economic realities and political utility. The industrial imperative, either capitalist or socialist, of unlimited growth/demand runs into the brick wall of finite natural resources/supply. The philosophical and political bantering over the ownership of the means of production is trumped by the means of production itself, i.e. the process of industrialism.

Net Peak Oil, i.e. total supply minus total demand, portends a drastic shift to a post-industrial transition stage the socio-political parameters and intensities of which are highly unimaginable, let alone manageable by social institutions not designed to meet these challenges.

Due to total global demand, i.e. runaway population, the remaining one trillion barrels left in ground will be consumed in approximately 30 years, as opposed to the approximately 100 years it took to consume the first one trillion barrels. Plentiful and cheap is about to be displaced by very scarce and very expensive. Alternative energy sources and technologies will fill marginal utilities; it is the scale of oil consumption that cannot be replaced.

The industrial world sits at Peak Oil, if not already onto the very initial stages of the Post-Peak Oil descent curve. The global production depletion rate is forecast to be anywhere from five percent to ten percent. Economic contraction, as opposed to growth, will be the order of the day. For the global financial and economic systems which are directly dependent on a cheap and plentiful supply of energy, this scenario translates into a problem that has no solution. For the man and woman on the street in the industrial world the message is stark and simple: The good days are gone…and they are not coming back.

Peak Oil, in itself, is not the problem. The problem and political challenge is how to craft and implement social institutions in order to adapt to the transition stage of Post-Peak Oil.

During the anticipated 100-year era of Post-Peak Oil transition, our global industrial civilization will implode upon itself and render as a memory the vanity and arrogance of a short 200-year interval on the passage of time. A carefully considered perspective on our industrial era sheds light on the limitations of a crass and blind technological determinism. When cast against the rich and wide canvass of the human mystery and its evolution, the .01% of time that constitutes industrial civilization, in spite of its social benefits, comforts and gadgets, relegates this era as an anomaly, an ontological Frankenstein, a spiritual waste land. We witness a culmination of socio-cultural decadence that is traitorous to the Occidental, i.e. the industrial, world. Such decadence masquerades as political correctness, multiculturalism and feminism. The global industrial “metropole” is under ideological siege. Rome burns.

The RPN is honoured to be in the company of the British National Party as the only two political parties in the Occidental world to not only officially recognize Peak Oil, but more importantly, to show the political courage to do so.

The recognition and acknowledgement of Post-Peak Oil is tantamount to understanding the political objectives laid out by the RPN. It is nucleus. It is principle premise. Recognition of the pending Post-Peak Oil era is the first brick to be laid in the RPN’s philosophical foundation. Remove it or deny it and everything else collapses.


The Secessionist Fragmentation and Devolution of the Industrial Nation-State 

RPN (Canada) Constitution Preamble: “The RPN further acknowledges that the transition to the Post-Peak Oil era will herald the implosion and demise of the industrial nation-state. This socio-economic implosion determines regional secessions-by-default on the North American continent, and the consequent and parallel empowerment of the North American Secessionist Movement. The collapse of the institutional infrastructure will be a consequence of the collapse of the energy infrastructure.”

The most important thing to be understood about the RPN’s secessionist pillar is its attendant qualifier of “secession-by-default.” This removes to a secondary position the usual motivator for secessionist movements, that of an ethnic identity. The ethnic identity (and as will be shown below, racial identity) is not eliminated; it is merely displaced from its usual primary position. Politically, this translates into promoting the eventual and inescapable demise of the industrial nation-state and, secondly, challenging the public’s predominant national identity.

From an energy perspective, the impetus for national unifications turned a significant historical corner in the Occident in the mid-nineteenth century. The development of the Occidental nation-state from the early Enlightenment to the mid-nineteenth century via mercantile capitalism is outside the scope of this essay. But from the mid-nineteenth century on the rise of the modern nation-state went hand-in-hand with the rise of industrialism. In Europe, the unifications of Germany and Italy are indicative. In North America, the American Civil War as a war of industrial expansionism by the North, and in Canada the national Confederation of 1867, are indicative.

All Occidental national unifications owe their initial success in large part to the control and development of railway systems, beginning during the age of coal. The countries were literally unified, economically and ideologically, by rail. When oil displaced coal as the primary energy source, geographical unification was supplemented by the combustion engine and the highway system. The century of smokestack industrialism, with attendant transport systems to move raw materials to and finished product from factories was in place. The culmination of this transportation infrastructure (road, rail, sea, air) has made possible the creation of globalization with attendant state-capitalist economic systems.

When it is recognized that 75 percent to 90 percent (depending on differing data) of a barrel of oil goes towards transportation, then the fragility of both the globalized economy, and that of its nation-state sub-systems, should become evident. Oil is the oxygen of industrial civilization. If massive flow-through of energy is deprived, the system collapses, it fractures, it implodes, it devolves. If oil has been the primary energy input resulting in the growth of industrial civilization, then the inverse of that energy input results in the inverse of unlimited growth.

It is true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but only if the parts are functioning. Underlying the RPN’s political philosophy is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, i.e. the Entropy Law. In simplest and most direct explanation, the Entropy Law dictates that our world rushes towards a state of maximum disorder. Note that the qualifier is “dictate.” Like any other natural law, as opposed to a social studies theory of political philosophy, the Entropy Law does not suggest nor imply. It falls to contemporary political voices to translate the “dictates” of nature through the media of philosophy and related policy.

The Entropy Law is the assassin of the truths of the modern age. In a closed system, which the earth and its natural resources constitute, entropy is a measure of the amount of energy no longer available to be converted into work, i.e. industrial work. If work cannot be generated, then economic value cannot be generated. If economic value cannot be generated, then a symbolic and representative financial system cannot be generated. (Note: If a currency is “owned” by the people or is in the hands of fiat gangsters is a moot point. Minus economic growth and the generation of value, there cannot exist the opportunity for debt usury, manipulation and theft. The parasite perishes with the host.)

The Entropy Law is the banner for the demise of industrial civilization. The Entropy Law stamps the pending Post-Peak Oil era with its dictates. The Entropy Law is not selective; everyone gets to equally eat the bullet: Gentile, Jew, Muslim, White, Negro, Brown, Yellow, male, female.

Scenario: During July, 2008 when the price of crude maxed out at $147 a barrel, there were reports of independent truck drivers simply pulling their rigs to the side of the road, shutting the unit down, placing the keys on the dashboard, and simply walking away. They could no longer make it work. Now multiply such an isolated event several million fold, with all commercial, economic, social and political tangents, to gain an idea of how the nation-state shuts down.

In such a scenario we are confronted with an almost unimaginable degree of social and economic suffering and political turmoil. We are confronted with an economy shrinking at an annual rate of five to ten percent, as matched to the oil depletion rate, with no option for correction. We are confronted with a world of double-digit unemployment and inflation. We are confronted with the confusion and the horror of a public that has been lied to, kept in the dark, and desperately seeking answers. We are confronted with the physical consequences of civilizational collapse and with the actual effects upon human lives when distanced from the intellectual comfort of cyberspace prattle.

We are confronted with an historical transition the magnitude of which has never been experienced by the human species. We are confronted with the political inter-relationship of crisis and opportunity. We are confronted with the stark severity of the political challenges inherent in this Post-Peak Oil era. We are confronted with a degree of political responsibility and related wisdom, courage and stamina to take on and own the terrible incentive to see clearly and to act accordingly, to harness a revolution of thought and social re-invention.

We are confronted with the historical fact that Post-Peak Oil collapse runs in tandem with the international Ethno Nationalist movement, and that the crises and challenges related to the former entail the opportunity for the re-birth and empowerment of the latter.


The Ethno Nationalist Vanguard in a Post-Peak Oil World

RPN (Canada) Constitution Preamble: “The RPN further acknowledges that it is the North American White Nationalist Movement that is the historically positioned and privileged social and racial demographic to initiate, develop and carry the North American Secessionist Movement. The White Nationalist Movement, unto itself, is not a driver; it is the preordained social agent to oversee the dismantling and winding down of the two historically redundant industrial nation-states, the United States of America and Canada.”

The philosophical premises upon which the RPN rests are simple and blunt. Firstly, that the geological condition of Peak Oil, and the resultant era of Post-Peak Oil with all of its dislocations and hardships, is a reality and a given. Secondly, that the inverse of the massive energy flow-through that has created the large industrial nation-state will result in a like inverse implosion, fragmentation, devolution, i.e. regional secessions, of the industrial nation-state.

These premises for proposed political conduct are rooted in scientific dynamic, i.e. the Second Law of Thermodynamics. They are not rooted in casual, ethically-oriented prescriptions nor in value judgments of how society might or should be.

Clearly, two revolutions of differing type are in order. A revolution of perception precedes the revolution of social re-arrangements. Which social demographic is to carry these revolutions? In North America, as in the greater Occidental world, this calling falls upon the shoulders of the Europid White race.

The international Ethno Nationalist movement has broken through a major watershed. The recent EN conference held in Japan brought together representatives from several countries. In that the conference was billed as an “anti-globalist” conference within the political parameters of EN, a common enemy has been identified to be tackled within relative ethnic and racial polities. Globalization, multiculturalism, feminism, political correctness, neo-lib decadence, end of civilization effeminacy, etc. are all problems to be tackled by Whites in North America, no less than they are to be tackled by Ethno Nationalists in Britain, Japan, Germany, India or any other country.

In two years time, when the next such meeting is slated, the socio-political effects of Post-Peak Oil collapse will be in play to such extent that the organizers will have no choice but to include it on the EN agenda. The BNP may very well lead with this initiative as Peak Oil is already officially recognized by the party.

It may do the BNP no harm at this time of current doldrums and in-fighting to pull its Peak Oil policy front-and-center and give it equal billing with EN. As inferred in this essay, the conditions unleashed by Post-Peak Oil will be an added, concrete incentive for Scottish Ethno Nationalists and secessionists. That the secessionist imperative to reinstate the ethnic boundaries and integrities of European countries can be folded into attacks on the globalist European Union should go without saying. In a Post-Peak Oil world the EU will implode/devolve because it must implode/devolve. Corresponding agitation can do no harm. England is home to the international Transition Towns movement. This movement in itself is an indicator of where and how we are to proceed and seek support.

On the North American continent, a White imperative to establish new homelands is yet at a preliminary and unfocused stage. The missing incentive to make these White, secessionist foreshadows politically concrete and legitimate is the recognition of Post-Peak Oil. The RPN proposes to be the political medium through which such message is delivered to both the American and Canadian publics.

The States Rights movement flounders within redundant state identities and a reactionary pursuit of Constitutional guidance. Texas bellows secessionist threats minus the political asset of historical perspective, i.e. the collapse of industrial civilization and related White genocide. The cause of Dixie remains the cause of us all, but isolated principle on its own is not enough. Liberal Vermont secessionists field a full gubernatorial slate oblivious to the fact that a state with 95 percent White population can be none other than a White secessionist movement. The latent White polities of Cascadia and Novacadia, on the West and East coasts respectively, identify as redundant an international boundary and reclaim the notions of decentralization and bioregionalism, so callously purged by the globalist co-opted Greens. Quebec secessionists struggle to add relevant political dimension to an ethnic foundation. The isolated nation of Lakota reaches out for allies.

A perfect storm builds. The three inter-related components of this storm are Ethno Nationalism and White secessionist movements, both molded by the social driver of a Post-Peak Oil world. The collapse of a civilization carries dire consequences, and like dire political responsibilities. Socio-political collapse will usher in the rise of the North American Ethno Nationalist movement as the historically positioned and privileged social demographic to initiate, develop and carry the North American Secessionist movement. The Ethno Nationalist movement, unto itself, is not a driver; it is the preordained social agent to oversee the dismantling of the two historically redundant industrial nation-states, the United States of America and Canada.

Without the Götterdämmerung of a Post-Peak Oil world, the odds of The Occident surviving as the bastion of the White Europid peoples are negligible. A self-imposed, suicidal negative birth rate and globalist-enforced, genocidal multiculturalism will take their tolls. A Post-Peak Oil world is our friend. We know how to farm the land. We know how to persevere and how to innovate. We know how to make do. We are at our best and most honourable when our backs are up against the wall. The Occident is our canvass upon which to re-create our social and political realities. It is our turf and we claim it, as is our prerogative, in equal and direct proportion to other races and ethnicities laying claim to their geographical polities.

Race and ethnicity take secondary and dependent seats to the scientific Laws of Thermodynamics. The socio-political dictates of entropy, not those of racial determination, rule. The latter must adapt to the former. Every historical driver requires a social agent; every social agent requires an historical driver. The two are inter-dependent. Each requires each.

We live in a fascinating and tragic age that encompasses a colossal contradiction. On the one hand, there is the corporatist and technocratic thrust for globalization and a professed New World Order. On the other hand, there is the interrelated dynamic of civilizational collapse. Both tendencies stem from a diminishing supply of and access to cheap energy resources as evidenced by the imminent arrival of Post-Peak Oil.

Both of these historical events, although diametrically opposed as political templates, are one and the same of a greater whole. The latent collapse of industrial civilization is the mirror image of the seemingly desperate and brutal grasp at the creation of a global technocratic state. It is a simple matter of political deduction to conclude that not both of these global tendencies can succeed. A clash of perceptions, of values and of political wills is inevitable. It is proposed that the balance of the 21st century will be the timeline for this clash.

By making the claim for regional secessions, one runs the risk of being stroked as a globalist stooge. After all, the purported New World Order supposedly champions this event as part of its mandate: the undermining and eventual gutting of the world’s nation-states in order to channel a future world government through a bureaucratic and militaristic global structure of its own making.

Such accusation can be easily pre-empted. Industrial nation-state devolution is a single event seen either as precursor to global domination by the advocates of a New World Order or as the re-invention of geopolitical entities to further human survival and social, racial and ethnic evolution by secessionists.

Again, to highlight the current historical contradiction: an alleged one-world government is diametrically opposed to hundreds of small, autonomous nations, although both global constructs require and envision the dissolution of the large industrial nation-state in order to succeed. This contradiction cannot be stated emphatically enough. The pending crisis entails a showdown of worldviews with the large industrial nation-state caught in the middle and cast in the role of historical albatross for both competing tendencies.

Ethno Nationalist political parties that take ownership of Post-Peak Oil and related secessions will need to tread carefully, wisely and most diligently.

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