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The Hammer & Anvil Blog is the personal blog of Sebastian E. Ronin, President, National Synergist Party of North America. The opinions expressed herein may or may not reflect the theory, ideology, constitutional foundation, and policies of the NSPNA. Collapse is both tomb and womb. Green and White unite. Win first, fight later.

Musings on Liberal CollapseNuts

(Note: Bullets searched and lifted from the post, Sparks In The Night. When pampered Peak Oil liberals own the ecological principle of die-off, does the irony of “useless eaters” not pull at the suburban conscience? Fortunately, the Vesica Piscis targets only that very slim thread of the liberal demographic that verges on the point of shedding liberal skin. That doesn’t mean that we can’t grab an interpersonal cappuccino every now and then, i.e. liberal behaviour is poison; the individual beneath the behaviour is sacred. It simply means that for political purposes the balance of the demographic is a write-off. It is an impossibility for reformers to be revolutionaries.)

At any given instant, the environment, the condition, i.e. “the world out there”, dictates exactly what must be done. That is a cybernetic given. It is a matter of interpreting the information both as a constant and as a flow. If one is wearing faulty spectacles, then a clear interpretation becomes next to impossible, ergo action based on the interpretation becomes self-defeating. The political vehicle becomes the medium for interpreting the environment’s “dictate.” This is a notion that sticks in the liberal craw of both Left and Right, those children who labour under the delusion that political initiative is an extension of human vanity.


Liberalism is a putrid malfeasance, a spiritual cancer, a civilizational and social neurosis. It is a lie. It is a greater lie when liberals would condescendingly wag their fingers and project their own self-loathing and bile at any who would point such out to them. The accompanying self-centered drama is nauseous and vile in the extreme. It is an impossibility to anticipate and to make a revolution with children.


The political notion of White Nationalism makes White liberals squirm. Why? Because at a very deep, deep subconscious level in their guts they “know”, i.e. intuit, that they are liars and hypocrites, that they are lackeys being played like old fiddles. Their discomfort is our asset. Liberal guilt entails White guilt.


White perception requires not the least iota of hatred. Such is the liberal, knee-jerk reaction/finger-pointing. The only thing required is clear perception. Anti-racist is the new, PC code for anti-White. Clear perception is a horrid responsibility. One need not like it, nor even agree with it. But at some point, one will have to accept it. Qualifier: some will accept it, most will not.


With apologies to V. Lenin: Is there a greater useful idiot than the White liberal?


The term “race traitor” is a false label. For a traitor to be a traitor requires conscious choice; i.e. he knows that he betrays his own kind. White liberals are not conscious of their “betrayal” nor of their traitorous behaviour. They are simply being White liberals. We endeavour to release the chains of ideology. The approach towards White nationalism needs to be made friendlier for the disillusioned. Calling them “traitors” is counter-productive. Such is merely one more marketing/propaganda challenge.


Post-Peak Oil collapse will rip open the myriad of liberal pretenses and hypocrisies of those who would defend the frivolous notions and dangling phantoms of “humanity.” Look to your tribe; look to your immediate secessionist bioregion for hope, wisdom, guidance, protection and continuity.


We need question those who rightly decry the social conditioning role played by academe and the media in creating a liberal consciousness, yet seem to think that a jingoistic national identity is a genetic precondition. The conditioning of the mind begins at toddler age, not at undergraduate age. Re pending secessionist identities, political schizophrenics are useless.


All of history has been a competition for scarce resources. This is simply Economics 101. When the shit hits the fan and blows that competition to levels we cannot even yet imagine, everyone will retreat to their own tribe for security. Where do you stand? Or are you liberal to such extent as to actually believe that a global group hug will defuse nature at work?


At some very deep and subliminal level what frightens our liberal adversaries is that Whites will reverse the game and take full ownership of the word “racist”, i.e. swing from the defensive to the offensive in the war for hearts and minds, and re-define the word to our own purposes and to our own historical agenda. So in a couple of years, when confronting the accusation of “racist” to come out of the gob of one of these liberal punks we are in a position to state, and not merely whimper: “Yes, as a matter of fact, we are racists. And as racists it is our full intention to resort to our genetic heritage of ingenuity, creativity, perseverance, integrity, honor, fair play, and merit, to name but a few White racial traits, to re-invent the Occident in our vision, not yours, during this century of Post-Peak Oil collapse and challenge. So what’s your problem?”


“Race is real and it matters.” That is a simple slogan, easily understood if not easily accepted. I would suggest that your take on “things racial” going on in the Occident is somewhat pedestrian. If you do some serious poking around, you may be shocked and horrified at the agenda that is in place. This is not some silly cracker paranoia or Nutzi supremacist nonsense, as the MSM tends to frame it. It just is. It is not pretty. Our backs are literally up against the wall. Liberal, politically-correct apologists deserve no slack. You’re either on the program or not. That either/or proposition should be a jolt to the false security of the liberal both/and “life is a grey shade” take on things. In the political realm of what lies before us there are no such luxuries as both/and. Race is real and it matters. And it is going to do nothing by get “realer.” You may be shocked to discover that it was not us who have forced the issue. We stir…still lost for the most part in a long sleep…but at least we stir.


The only freedom to be recognized is the freedom of opportunity. All else is responsibility. This is the 21st century, not the 19th. The veneer of liberal civilization is as thin as the paper upon which it is written.


I have just been informed, by a liberal, that liberals take great pride in being sluts. What odd creatures. Integrity is not in the vocabulary.

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2 thoughts on “Musings on Liberal CollapseNuts

  1. David Foster on said:

    You have much to learn about integrity, Mr. Ronin; though, I doubt you ever will!

    “Race…matters” is what you imbeciles have been screaming for centuries; and has been the war cry of innumerable human conflicts. I will grant you these conflicts became inevitable, once we began sailing the seven seas in search of what was “rightfully ours”. But amidst all the wisdom we have gained in so doing, how does one manage to maintain such BLATANT IGNORANCE?

  2. What does integrity mean to you Mr. Foster?

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